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Sun System Grow Lights Ballasts Located in Vancouver, WA, Sunlight Supply, Inc. was founded in 1995. As the leader in manufacturing grow light equipment, Sunlight Supply’s Sun System line of grow light products is manufactured in their own factory, and to the highest possible specifications. Over the years, Sunlight Supply has expanded its line of grow light offerings to fit every need, from small, self-contained grow lights for small hobby plantings to grow light fixtures for large commercial growers. All are built with top-quality components and designed for maximum light output and optimal cooling and ventilation.

Since Sunlight Supply manufactures its own grow light reflectors and fixtures, they can maintain complete control over quality and performance. A solid commitment to quality, value, and performance is the hallmark of every Sun System grow light product, and your assurance of great results for your growing projects. Sun System grow light products include:

  • Sun System HPS MH Grow Lights Sun System Complete HPS & MH Grow Lights – These self-contained compact systems are ready to use for small indoor gardening systems and hobbyists. All the quality of Sun System in a plug-and-play configuration. Just add the bulb of your choice.
  • Sun System Fluorescent Grow Lights – Ideal for starting plants and for indoor gardening where heat issues are a factor, fluorescent grow light systems from Sun System are an ideal solution. Systems are available in compact and full-size configurations.
  • Sun System Reflectors – From compact and economical reflectors to the largest reflectors available on the market, choose your reflectors from Sun System’s wide range of products for top-quality results at attractive prices.
  • Sun System Ballasts Sun System Magnetic Ballasts – Economical magnetic ballasts from Sun System are a good choice for both HPS and MH bulbs. Reliable, affordable, and long lasting, in 400 to 1000 watt capacities.
  • Sun System Electronic Digital Ballasts – For maximum performance and energy savings, Sun System Galaxy Digital Ballasts are your ideal choice. Available in single-wattage or in Sun System’s exclusive Select-a-Watt configuration, there’s a Galaxy digital ballast that’s the best choice for every application.

Interior Gardens – Your Sun System Grow Light Store

You can rely on Interior Gardens to supply you with the ideal grow light products for any indoor gardening project you can envision. Our complete stock of grow lights and grow light components from Sun System and other suppliers assures you that your design specifications can be met perfectly, and at prices you can’t beat. Come into our Minneapolis grow light store to select the exact products that meet your needs. Contact Interior Gardens anytime for expert advice and suggestions.