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Sun System Fluorescent Grow Lights If fluorescent grow lights are your choice, Interior Gardens offers a wide variety of Sun System fluorescent fixtures to meet your needs. Whether you’re using fluorescent fixtures for starting plantings, want to grow plants that require the specific light qualities only fluorescent grow lights can supply or you are growing in an environment that can’t handle the heat of HPS or MH lights, you’ll find your answer at Interior Gardens.

Naturally, along with the fixtures, Daylight Gardens offers high output fluorescent bulbs with the correct spectrum characteristics to match your needs. As with all of our products, we’ve selected the most efficient, effective, and value-oriented products to offer our customers, and are always happy to assist you in selecting the best products for your individual needs. We recommend the following fluorescent lighting systems from Sun System:

Sun System 8 High Wattage Fluorescent Fixture

un System 8 High Fluorescent Grow Lights Compact and affordable, this system is ideal for small garden installations, particularly in living areas and kitchens. It’s attractive and efficient, and uses compact, powerful fluorescent bulbs that produce top quality light in a small attractive package. Priced at just $79.95, without a bulb, this system’s features include:

  • Dimensions: 19¾” x 12¼” x 7½”
  • 95% reflective German aluminum interior
  • Accommodates both the 105 &150 watt Eco Plus Fluorescent Grow Lamps (purchased separately)
  • Slotted & louvered for maximum air cooling
  • Chrome V hooks included for easy hanging
  • 8′ grounded power cord
  • On/off switch
  • Mogul base socket

Brite Wing High Wattage Fluorescent Fixture

Sun System Brite Wing Fluorescent Grow Lights Priced at just $35.95, without bulb, this fixture is the most affordable compact fluorescent grow light fixture you’ll find anywhere. Despite its low cost, it has all the quality built into every Sun System products. Its features include:

  • Highly reflective textured aluminum reflector
  • Excellent reflective and diffusion properties
  • Includes mogul base socket and 8’ grounded power cord
  • Includes integrated mounting bracket with chrome wire hangers
  • Fixture dimensions: 21¼” long x 15” wide x 4.5” tall

Sun Blaze High Output T5 Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures

Sun System Sun Blaze Fluorescent Grow Lights Available in a wide variety of configurations and lengths, Sun System Sun Blaze fluorescent fixtures are affordable and efficient. Complete with included 6500° K High Output bulbs, fixtures are available with from one to eight bulbs, and in 2′ and 4′ lengths. Features include:

  • Advanced reflector design offers excellent reflectivity & diffusion
  • White powder coated steel housing
  • Wire cable hangers included with every fixture. Now you can choose to hang horizontally or vertically
  • 12-foot power cord & on/off switch allows for easy operation
  • Eight-lamp model features two on/off switches to run four lamps at a time if desired
  • Louvered for cool operation
  • Run on 120-volt power only
  • 3000 K (red) or 6500 K (blue) lamps are available
  • Daisy chain feature allows multiple fixtures to be plugged in together
Interior Gardens – Your Fluorescent Grow Light Source

If you need fluorescent grow lights, Interior Gardens is ready to supply you with top quality fluorescent grow light fixtures from Sun System. We also stock all the fluorescent bulbs you need for the best results for any growing situation. Visit our Minneapolis grow light store. And always remember that our expert indoor gardening advisors are always available to answer your question and suggest products for any gardening need.