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Sun System Electronic Ballasts When you’re choosing ballast technology for lighting your interior garden, you can choose energy-wasting, inefficient magnetic ballast technology from long ago or make the choice to save by choosing modern, efficient digital ballasts or electronic ballasts for your High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) or Metal Halide (MH) lamps. Digital electronic ballasts from Sun System Galaxy, are an ideal choice for your Sun System reflectors.

Whether you’re installing all new lighting systems or replacing failed magnetic ballasts, there’s a Sun System Galaxy digital electronic ballast to match your reflectors and lamps. All offer the efficiency and reliability of true 21st century digital technology. You’ll find these features in every Galaxy Digital Ballast from Sun System:

  • 99+% Efficient – Galaxy Electronic Ballasts from Sun System are almost 100% efficient, and save money in energy costs. 5-12% more efficient that outmoded ballasts.
  • Peak Performance – Get all the light your lamps are capable of providing by driving any lamp to its maximum performance.
  • Increased Lamp Life – Galaxy Electronic Ballasts are soft-starting, increasing lamp life and reducing lumen depreciation to extend the effectiveness of lamps over time.
  • Heat Dissipating Housings – Extruded aluminum housings keep ballasts cool for long life and cool operation.
  • Smart-Volt Capability – Galaxy Electronic Ballasts adjust to your supply voltage, operating at 120, 208, and 240-volt power with a simple switch of the power cord.
  • Built-in Circuit Breaker – Protects the ballast from short circuits and power overloads, with a simple reset capability.
  • Output Cord Compatibility – Compatible with all Sun System reflectors and sockets. No adapters needed.
  • Lamp Compatibility – Galaxy Electronic Ballasts are compatible with both HPS and MH lamps.
  • Silent, Lightweight Power – Easy to mount and silent…no annoying hum as with many magnetic ballasts.

Sun System Galaxy Electronic Digital Ballast

Sun System Galaxy Electronic Ballast There is a Galaxy Digital Electronic Ballast to match every reflector and lamp combination. From the economical 250w Digital Ballast for smaller lamps to the 1000w Digital Ballast for high-powered installations, you’ll find efficient, quiet Galaxy Digital Ballast that’s ideal for your installations, and at a price that makes sense. For maximum flexibility, choose the Galaxy Digital Select-A-Watt model, which is compatible with 400, 600, and 1000 watt lamps and offers an exclusive Turbocharge feature to get maximum output from aging lamps.

Interior Gardens – Your Sun System Galaxy Digital Electronic Ballast Source

At Interior Gardens, we have investigated all types of ballast systems for lighting your plantings. What we’ve found is that Sun System reflectors, combined with Sun System Galaxy Digital ballasts is the best solution for almost every installation. We carry the full line of Galaxy Digital Ballasts in our convenient Minneapolis grow light supplies store. We’re also your year-round hydroponics gardening specialist. Contact us any time for expert advice and supplies to meet your interior gardening needs. Our 18+ years of experience in hydroponics gardening assures you that we can help with the best information, products, and advice you can find.