Pots and Containers for Every Gardening Need

Gardening Nursery Pots For the dedicated gardener, it can be difficult to find the pots and containers needed for serious gardening projects at local garden centers and big box stores. That’s especially true for the specialized containers needed for hydroponics and indoor gardening. Interior Gardens recognizes that difficulty, and stocks a complete range of ordinary and specialized containers for all gardening techniques. We maintain a large stock of these items, in our Minneapolis gardening store. Come in and check out our extensive selection:

  • Air Pots – These specially designed pots have the unique feature of automatically performing root-tip pruning to encourage dense, fibrous root growth and robust plant health. Use these with traditional potting soils or with your favorite hydroponics medium and get the growing success you’re looking for.
  • Round Nursery Pots – Our premium quality traditional nursery pots will outlast and outperform the usual pots available locally. Standard duty nursery pots are also available. We offer pots in sizes from 1 gallon to 7 gallons.
  • Grow Bags – Grow bags from Sunleaves are a terrific alternative to traditional pots. These fluted bags are black on the inside and white on the outside for maximum reflectivity. Pre-punched holes assure excellent drainage. We stock sizes from ½ gallon to 7 gallons.
  • Square Nursery Pots – We have a full range of black and white square nursery pots, including the new and hard-to-find Botanicare white pots. All sizes are available, up to our monster 18 liter pot.
  • Net Pots & Lids – Net pots, cups, and lids for hydroponics gardening. From small cups for starting seedlings to heavy duty, reusable pots, we have all sizes in stock. We have the lids, inserts, and Coco liners, too. Stock up now!
  • Gardening Smart Pots Smart Pots – These scientifically designed pots offer the convenience of traditional pots, but with air-pruning capabilities that encourage lush, dense root growth for maximum yields. We carry sizes from 7-16 inches.
  • Vinyl Saucers – Durable saucers for all sizes of pots, in clear and green vinyl.
  • Bucket Lids & Mesh Pots – Our mesh bucket lids fit inside 3 and 5-gallon buckets for hydroponics techniques. Mesh pots have mesh bottoms for perfect drainage. We have all the sizes you need.
  • 3-Gallon & 5-Gallon Buckets – Use these premium quality black buckets for a wide range of traditional and hydroponics techniques and for dozens of other gardening tasks.
  • Warrior 5-Gallon Pots – The unique, patent-pending mesh cone design inside these pots provides superb aeration and promotes vigorous root growth, while reducing soil quantities They’re reusable and easy to clean.
  • CocoTek Basket Liners – 6″ size biodegradable coco liners, with a woven structure. 100% organic.
  • Jiffy Pots – 3″ Jiffy Pots of 100% biodegradable sphagnum moss. Reduce transplant shock for seedlings with these pots, which have root-pruning capabilities.
  • Earthbox Kit – These large rolling planting containers are durable and come complete with an aeration screen, a fill tube, mulch covers, casters, fertilizer, and dolomite soil amendment. You just add a peat or coir-based planting medium, plants, and water. Developed and tested by commercial gardeners.

Interior Gardens – Minneapolis St. Paul Gardening Superstore

When you shop at our Twin Cities gardening supplies store for your hydroponics, organic or indoor gardening projects, you’ll find every product you need at Interior Gardens. We’ve hand-selected only the best products available, and maintain a large stock of all products. There’s no need to run all over town or to multiple websites to find everything you need. Interior Gardens is your one-stop source. Visit our Minneapolis indoor gardening supply store.