Plant Propagation & Cloning Supplies – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Botanicare Power Cloners An important part of hydroponic gardening is the propagation of new plants for transfer to the hydroponic or other growing environment. Whether you propagate plants from seeds or through cloning plants from cuttings, success in propagation can dramatically influence the productivity of your growing projects. At Interior Gardens, we’ve done the research, and have selected a line of propagation products that will help assure your success in creating new plants for your indoor garden. When you shop at our Minneapolis gardening store, you’ll find everything you need to give your new plants the head start they need to guarantee great production. Use the links on this page to learn more about our selection of quality products. Even if you shop in our Minneapolis St. Paul gardening retail store, these links can help you plan your purchases.

  • Products for Propagation from Seeds – From multi-cell starting trays and peat pellets to flats and indoor hothouses from Hydrofarm to help you get the right start for your seedlings, you’ll find everything you need at Interior Gardens.
  • EZ-Clone Cloning Products – Give your cuttings a quick start and assure excellent results from your cloning projects with EZ-Clone environments. We stock EZ-Clone systems in sizes to handle from 30 to 120 plant propagation sites, along with all the products you need for complete success.
  • Botanicare Power Cloners – In sizes from 45 to 70 propagation sites, these aeroponic cloning machines are complete systems that can give you the fastest root initiation times for your cuttings available anywhere. High output pumps and microjets deliver highly oxygenated rooting solution.
  • Heat Mats – Maintain the proper temperature for your flats of seedling with our heat mats. They’re available in sizes to match all standard flats and keep temperatures 15-20 degrees above normal room temperature for fast results and rot prevention.
  • Sun Blaze Grow Lights Sun Blaze Fluorescent Grow Lights – New plants and cuttings require ideal lighting to thrive until moved to the hydroponic growing environment. Sun Blaze fluorescent grow lights are available in several sizes to suit your needs, and their economical pricing from Interior Gardens makes them ideal for your projects.
  • Cloning Gels, Powder, & Liquids – Give your cuttings their best chance for vigorous root generation with rooting gels and hormones from Botanicare’s Power Clone concentrates and Dip N Grow rooting stimulants to EZ Clone Rooting Compound, Rootburst rooting powder, and Gel2Root Planters’ Pride rooting gel kits that let you root cuttings in one step.
  • Superthrive Supplements – Superthrive vitamin-hormone supplements have been used for decades, providing consistent results as a plant supplement and tonic. We offer these products in sizes from 2 oz. to 1 Gallon, to suit every grower, large or small.
  • Other Products – You’ll find everything you need for success with cloning and seed propagation at Interior gardens. From the Daisy Cloner, a cloning machine for small operations, to heat mat temperature controllers, we’re your one-stop shop for all your propagation needs.

Interior Gardens – Plant Propagation & Cloning Supplies for Minnesota

At Interior Gardens, we know that giving your plants a great start, whether you propagate from seeds or cuttings, is a crucial step in the success of your indoor and hydroponic gardening projects. Our experts have hand-selected the very best products on the market for your propagation needs, and offer them at prices that can’t be beat. Stop by our Minneapolis St. Paul hydroponic and organic gardening store at 1620 Central Ave. NE, just off I-35W. We’ll be happy to supply you with the very best in propagation supplies and systems.