pH, EC, & TDS Testers for Organic Gardening & Hydroponics

Gardening TDS Testers Monitoring soil and nutrient solution’s Acidity (pH), Electrical Conductivity (EC), and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) is a large concern for serious gardeners, especially with hydroponics. Making sure conditions are just right for proper plant growth and condition means regular pH, EC, TDS testing. Fortunately, today’s 21st Century measuring instruments are up to the job. At Interior Gardens, we’ve hunted down the best, most accurate and reliable instruments to stock in our Minneapolis gardening store.

  • Accurate 8 Soil pH and Moisture Meter – This compact, professional instrument checks the pH of soil, up to 12" deep in containers or garden beds. Unlike cheap meters, you can count on this instrument to provide you with years of reliable service. No batteries are required, and it consistently gives you clear, accurate readings for indoor and outdoor gardening.
  • pH Control Products – We stock a complete line of other pH testers, along with buffers and General Hydroponic pH control solutions. pH meter calibration fluids are also available to help you manage this crucial factor.
  • Hanna pH EC TDS Test Equipment – Hanna is the world leader in this type of test equipment, and Interior Gardens maintains a large stock of their equipment. From their small Hanna Combo pH TDS EC meter, with replaceable electrode, to other fine Hanna test products, you’ll get the accuracy and product support you need with Hanna testers.
  • Gardening pH Meters Milwaukee pH EC TDS Tester Kit – This all-in-one unit comes complete with a microprocessor-powered unit, hand held probe, calibration fluids, and instructions in a convenient carrying case. It’s everything you need, in a handy, portable package.
  • Nutradip TRI-METER – This meter is designed for continuous use in measuring pH, TDS, and nutrient temperature, and is ideal for constant monitoring of hydroponics fluids. Just plug in the unit, drop the probe into your solution, and read out all three parameters on separate digital displays.
  • Other pH EC TDS Products – From simple pH test kits and other test instruments, to calibration solutions for all meters and replacement probes for the meters we sell, Interior Gardens is your complete pH EC TDS testing headquarters. Everything you need is at your fingertips.

Interior Gardens – pH EC TDS Testing Central in Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

When your hydroponics gardening goes beyond a casual hobby, you need the technical tools to help you monitor and control every aspect of your project. At Interior Gardens, we understand your needs, and can supply you with the best and most respected test instruments available anywhere. It’s just one more reason that Interior Gardens is the leader in hydroponics, organic gardening, and indoor gardening in the Midwest and throughout the country. Visit our Minneapolis St. Paul organic and hydroponic gardening store at 1620 Central Ave. NE, just off I-35W, great pricing, and value you’ll always find at Interior Gardens.