Organic Gardening Supplies – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Organic Garden Supply Minneapolis MN The organic gardener has many of the same needs as any other gardener. Tools, equipment, and supplies are all part of organic gardening. Selecting the best in all of these categories helps you achieve the results you’re looking for. From propagation supplies and plant support products to gardening tools and even books to help you learn, picking out the right items can be difficult.

At Interior Gardens, we have a complete stock of everything you need for your organic gardening project. You’ll find exactly the right product, and at the right price in our Minneapolis organic gardening store. Some of the products we feature include:

  • Magnifiers and Pocket Microscopes – Get a close look at your plants and identify pests, diseases and more. These are invaluable aids for every gardener.
  • Pots & Containers – From air pots and traditional nursery pots to net pots and grow bags, expand your organic gardening options with these products.
  • Garden Pots Gardening Hand Tools – Mini Garden Snips, Scissors, Pruners, and even scalpels to handle plant grooming and trimming.
  • Propagation, Seeding, and Cutting Supplies – Everything you need to give new plants a great start, no matter what propagation techniques you use.
  • Plant Stakes and Trellis Netting – Give your plants the support they need and protect them from larger pests.
  • Organic Gardening Books – Become an expert on organic gardening with these carefully selected books on organic gardening, composting, and more.

Interior Gardens – Organic Gardening Supply Superstore, Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Minneapolis Organic Gardening Store Interior Gardens represents all the lessons we’ve learned in our more than 18 years of supplying hydroponic, organic, and indoor gardeners with the high-quality products they need a prices that are unmatched. At our Minneapolis St. Paul organic gardening supplies store, you’ll find all the supplies you need to make your garden a success. We also have the expertise you need to get your important questions answered correctly. Your success is our highest priority, and you can count on Interior Gardens for the right products, the right advice, and the right price every time. Visit our fully stocked retail gardening store in Minneapolis at 1620 Central Ave. NE in Minneapolis, just off I-35W. Call us with your questions, or use our handy online form to send us your questions. We’re here to help you with all your gardening needs.