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Organic Gardening Store Minneapolis St Paul Reduced to its simplest definition, organic gardening means growing without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. By growing plants organically, especially those grown for human consumption, gardeners get healthful, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables that promote health, rather than cause health problems. Successful organic gardening, whether outdoors or indoors, is a bit more time-consuming, but the benefits of eating fresh produce and avoiding the short and long-term negative effects of the chemicals used in most commercial produce production are more than worth it.

At our Minneapolis organic gardening store, we are dedicated to helping growers with all their needs, from a wide variety of Baker Creek organic heirloom seeds and FoxFarm potting soils that ensure robust growth to seed starting trays, propagation domes and much more. We also stock a wide range of proven organic fertilizers to promote robust growth, and our all-natural pest and weed control products help you achieve maximum yield.

Fully-Stocked Organic Gardening Store – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Gear up for your summer garden and get your seeds started now. We have everything you need to get your seedlings going in time for the summer. We have seed starter kits, which include a grow light, seedling nutrients, growing medium, propagation dome, and trays. All you need to add to the complete kits are seeds. Kits can be easily expanded to fit your growing needs. Please call us for pricing or any questions you might have. We would be glad to help you have a lush and healthy garden this summer.

A large part of our business is serving organic growers in the Twin Cities Metro Area through our retail store. We have carefully selected products from around the world to help our customers get maximum success and productivity from their efforts. From soil and soil amendments to plant nutrients and additives, and from chemical-free pesticides and disease control products to accessories and propagation products, we have been serving Minnesota growers for over 20 years. Come into our convenient Minneapolis store, and check out all the great products we have.