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Magnetic Ballast for Grow Lamps Twin Cities The heart of every High Intensity Discharge (HID) grow light system is its ballast. These important components provide the power and ignition sources for grow light bulbs that match a particular ballast in output wattage and design. Available in both economical magnetic designs and efficient, flexible, quiet-running digital designs, growers can choose from a wide range of Sun System models to match their budgets and light output requirements. Through the power of high-volume purchasing, we’re able to offer these products at great low prices. Let us help you choose a combination of ballast, bulb, and reflector to suit your growing environment precisely, at affordable prices that won’t empty your wallet. If your budget is tight, you’ll get healthy growth and great yields from the proven, reliable models below and you’ll be assured of top performance and consistent lighting for your indoor gardening needs.

Sun System Remote Ballasts

Magnetic ballasts are tried-and-true solutions for powering both MH and HPS lamps. Most of the units listed below are switchable for compatibility with both bulb types and are available to power lamps from 400 watts to 1000 watts. Match the ballast capacity with the bulb wattage that provides adequate light for the size of your growing area. We feature Sun System ballasts at our Minneapolis grow light store, because they’ve proven themselves over the years as the best choices.

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At Interior Gardens, we’re dedicating to providing a complete selection of all products needed by indoor growers in the Twin Cities Metro area, including affordable and reliable magnetic ballasts. Our conveniently located store and warehouse in Minneapolis is fully stocked with every product you need for successful growing. Our experienced specialists will be glad to help you create the perfect indoor environment for hydroponic growing, large or small. Our volume purchasing lets us keep our prices low and our extensive stock on hand means instant access to the products you need. Visit us soon to discuss your plans and let us help you save on our hand-selected products.