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LED Grow Lights – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

LED Grow Lamp Twin Cities Appearing on the market in the past few years, Light Emitting Diode (LED) grow lights offer many unique qualities that have stimulated much interest among hydroponic gardeners in the Twin Cities. The low power and limited spectrums available from most versions of early LED grow lights system, along with very high cost per watt of output, have kept them from widespread use. Over the years, new products keep flooding the market, however, many of the new products fail to live up to the claims made by the manufacturers. We have been conducting our own research and tested a wide range of products. The LED grow lights we have chosen for Minnesota growers are evaluated based on their performance and affordable cost. We offer several new products including AgroLED Dio-Watt and iSunlight T5 LED lights by Sunlight Supply and the full line of Spectrum King products. All the models we supply have proven performance and are widely used by Minnesota hydroponics gardeners.

Minnesota LED Grow Light Supply Store – Twin Cities

With so many products and so many unproven claims, choosing the right LED grow light for hydroponics is a daunting and expensive task. We have done the homework for Twin Cities growers. Low cost and compatibility with your existing T5 fluorescent fixtures means that you can experiment with a new way of lighting for growing without breaking your budget. Our Spectrum King models mimic the natural outdoor sunlight and produce strong growth and solid yields. Try these state-of-the-art LED grow lights for a single growing area to see what they can do, or incorporate them into any hydroponics or indoor garden. Stop by our hydroponics store located in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro and check out these new AgroLED and Spectrum King LED lamps. We have them in stock now and our staff will be glad to show you how to install them. You’ll be amazed at their low cost. We’ll help you find the setups that are best suited to your gardening needs.