Hydroponics Growing Systems – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Hydroponics is a technological revolution in gardening, and numerous companies have been formed to create the products you need to be successful with your hydroponics projects. Not all growing system products available on the marketplace, however, are equally capable of giving you reliable and durable results. Making careful choices is one of the keys to successful hydroponic gardening. Doing all the research needed to choose high-quality products that are an excellent value isn’t easy. At Interior Gardens, we’ve done that research for you, and offer only high quality, proven hydroponics growing system products that give you the result you want and deserve. Our volume buying lets us pass savings on to you, giving you unmatched pricing on everything you need for your project, no matter how large or small it is.

At our Minneapolis St. Paul hydroponics gardening center, we carry only the best, and we sell it for less!

Dark Rooms

For many hydroponics users, installations can present issues when installed in living areas. Even in basements, the bright lights, unruly appearance, and other issues mean that a self-contained enclosure for the garden is needed. Our easy-to-assemble Dark Rooms help you keep all the light inside, on your plants. With easy to close flaps, you can quickly hide everything inside your Dark Room, while growing continues without disturbing other activities. The washable, reflective interior helps give your plantings all the light produced by your grow lights and internal frames conveniently support your lights and other equipment. You can assemble or collapse your Dark Room in just minutes. Access ports allow easy routing of ventilation and other equipment. Stay organized and keep your gardening activities from becoming an issue for those around you with a Dark Room. They’re available in footprints from 2′ by 2′ to 10′ by 10′, offering up to 100 square feet of interior space. There’s a Dark Room for every situation.

Aeroflo Hydroponics Growing Systems

Aeroflo hydroponics systems come with everything you need to get started growing. These aeroponic systems use a mist of nutrients and water to provide the fastest growing cycles possible. Available in sizes from 18 growing sites to 120 sites, the systems come complete with nutrients, Hydroton growing medium, net cups, coco cup liners, pump, support structure and distribution manifold. The results of using an Aeroflo growing system are larger yields, faster growth, and stronger plants. You’ll be growing in no time with Aeroflo!

General Hydroponics WaterFarm Systems

Built of high-impact plastic, WaterFarm systems from General HydroPonics, are seen by many as their very best buy in hydroponics systems. The unique square design lets you pack WaterFarm units close together to maximize your growing space. The large water capacity and low water requirements makes the system simple to set up and maintain. Start small with the inexpensive Compact WaterFarm unit, which contains everything you need to get started with up to five plants. Or use General Hydroponics’ unique modular design to create an extensive growing system, using a combination of PowerGrower Controllers in 8 or 16 unit sizes and growing modules to create your system. Check out the features of General Hydroponics WaterFarm in our Minneapolis gardening store.

Ebb N Grow Hydroponic Systems

For the most versatile ebb and flow hydroponics system on the market, you can’t beat Ebb-N-Grow systems. Very simple, it uses two pumps and gravity to flood and drain the modular planters several times a day, producing rapid, strong growth. A controller handles the job automatically, using it’s built in timer, so you can set it and forget it. Completely modular, Ebb-N-Grow systems can handle from 12 to 48+ plants, and you can add grow pots whenever you want. Customize your hydroponics system however you like.

Botanicare Grow Trays & Reservoirs

Hydroponic Grow Trays Made from high impact ABS plastic, Botanicare Grow Trays and Reservoirs are designed to last for years. Trays come in all sizes and all trays can be drilled and plumbed for ebb and flow use. Botanicare also offers heavy-duty metal benches, specifically designed for their trays. Botanicare white reservoirs come in sizes from 10 to 115 gallons and include features like lids with access ports, allowing easy adding of nutrients, and fluid level maintenance. Easy Drain models include an interior slope that makes draining the reservoir a snap. Make Botanicare your best choice for all your growing tray and reservoir needs!

Hydroponics Growing System Headquarters – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

At Interior Gardens, we know that your gardening success depends on having the right products to form the durable, reliable, and productive growing system you insist on. There are many systems out there, so we’ve investigated them all and have chosen the systems that have the quality, flexibility, and engineering to make your growing as successful as possible. Come into our spacious Minneapolis Hydroponics Retail Center, at 1620 Central Ave. NE in Minneapolis, just off I-35W, to see these systems in action or investigate the possibilities. We’d love to help you create a hydroponics growing system that matches your plans exactly. Our expert customer service and 18+ years of experience in hydroponics mean that you can be sure that the advice and products from Interior Gardens are second to none.