Hydroponics, Organic Gardening & Grow Light Supplies in Minnesota

Hydroponic Product Supply Store At our hydroponic store located in Minneapolis, you’ll find the quality brand names you’re looking for, along with products not carried by other local stores. Interior Gardens is proud to supply products from Sunlight Supply, American Hydroponics, General Hydroponics, Sun System, BioBizz, Botanicare, Dutch Master, FoxFarm, Technaflora, Supernatural, Ionic, Grodan, Sunleaves, Hanna Instruments, Fantech, Ez-Clone, and GI Grow. As a leading hydroponic store in Minnesota, we offer competitive pricing and outstanding customer service. Stop by our store and talk with our hydroponics experts on what works best for your gardening needs.

  • Hydroponic Systems – Everything you need for success in 21st Century soil free indoor gardening.
  • Dark Room Systems – Keep indoor gardening light on your plants and control the environment more efficiently with these self-contained systems.
  • Grow Light Packages – Every type of lighting for all your indoor growing, with all the accessories and parts you need.
  • Plant Nutrients – A complete source for the nutrient products you need for all types of gardening. Get maximum yield from your system.
  • Hydroponics Growing LightOrganic Soils – Guarantee your organic gardening success with these custom designed organic soil product.
  • Test Equipment – Monitor and test your growing systems with these state-of-the art tools. The more you know, the better you grow.
  • Growing Media – Ideal growing media for all types of hydroponic gardening. Choose from a carefully selected group of products.
  • Environmental & Climate Control – Control every aspect of your growing environment for maximum productions, from temperature to CO2 levels.
  • Pumps and Irrigation – We’re your complete source for everything you need to control water flow and irrigation in your indoor gardening.
  • Fans, Blowers, & Air Purification – We offer a complete line of products to manage air circulation and purification for every situation.
  • Pest & Disease Controls – Safe, environmentally sound products to help keep your plants healthy and pest-free.
  • Propagation, Seeding & Cutting Supplies – Every product you need to start new plants for your gardening is available here.
  • Books and Educational Materials – Use these books, videos, and other learning materials to enhance your knowledge for maximum success.

Hydroponic, Organic Gardening & Grow Light Store

Hydroponics Grow Light Store Minneapolis MN Interior Gardens began as a local hydroponic, organic and indoor gardening store in Minneapolis St. Paul, the Twin Cities. It has now expanded to let gardeners all over Minnesota to take advantage of our large, carefully selected stock of products. The Interior Gardens experience brings our almost two decades of experience in these exciting gardening methods to everyone. At our hydroponic store, you’ll find our entire line of products, informative knowledge, and details on the products that we know will make your indoor, hydroponic, and organic gardening more productive and successful.

We keep our products in stock so you never have to make an extra trip. We have speical discounts on various products for even more savings. Customer service is always a top priority for our hydroponic store, and one phone call will connect you with a knowledgeable expert who can answer any question about any of our products. Come to our store and see for yourself why we have become the leader in hydroponic supplies in Minnesota.