Hydroponics: Pumps, Irrigation and Accessories – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Water Pumps Hydroponic gardening utilizes water and air pumps for circulation, irrigation, and oxygenation of the nutrient fluids that keep plants growing and thriving. If a pump fails, it can lead to damage or loss of valuable plantings. At Interior Gardens, we understand that quality is a primary concern for hydroponic gardeners, so we’ve carefully selected the pumps and associated products we offer at our hydroponic gardening store in Minneapolis. Our large selection of EcoPlus, Little Giant, and General Hydroponics pumps, fittings, and all other accessories means that you can find everything you need right at Interior Gardens and be assured that the products you buy will live up to your expectations. Click the links below for a detailed tour of our products:

  • Water Pumps – Every hydroponic growing method requires water pumps, and we have exactly the pump you need for your project. Eco submersible pumps are the highest quality submersibles available, and use oil free magnetic rotors, ceramic shafts, and quality bearings for long life and smooth operation. We carry a complete range of sizes at prices you can’t beat. Our General Hydroponics and Little Giant pumps, too, are known for their quiet operation and dependability. You won’t go wrong with our quality pumps.
  • Air Pumps Air Pumps & Accessories – Whatever size air pump you need to supply oxygen to your hydroponic gardening, Interior Gardens has you covered. We offer the complete range of commercial quality air pumps to suit large and small installations. Of course, we also carry the very best in air stones, diffusers, manifolds, and air dividers to let you customize your installation. Our prices on all of these items are the best in the business.
  • Tubing & Hose – Moving air or water requires a variety of hoses and tubing. Interior Gardens offers tubing and hose to match all the pumps and accessories we sell. You’ll find everything you need in our hydroponic store.
  • Ebb and Flow Fittings – If you use the ebb and flow method of hydroponic gardening, Interior Gardens is your complete source of the fittings you need to create any customized installation.
  • Drippers & Sprayers – If your gardening methods involve drip or spray methods, you’ll find the drippers, Aeroponics sprayers, valves, and other fittings you need for maximum success with your growing. We also have all the tools and other accessories you need, all in our convenient gardening store.

Interior Gardens – Complete Pumps & Accessories Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Don’t run around from one place to another to find all the pumps, fittings, and accessories you need for your indoor gardening. Interior Gardens knows all your needs and stocks only the high quality products you expect and deserve. We’ve hand-selected the very best products so you never get second best, and sell these products at prices you simply can’t beat. At Interior Gardens, you can be sure you’ll find everything you need in a single location, when you shop our Minnesota hydroponic store. You’ll always get the very best advice, too, from our expert indoor gardening staff.