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Hydroponic Nutrients for All Growing Methods – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Hydroponic Nutrients Store Minneapolis Whatever hydroponics setup you use, you need the very best nutrients and growing media available for your projects. At Interior Gardens, we’ve searched the world for the growing medium products that work the best in all types of systems, and offer it to our Twin Cities customers at low discounted prices. Our experienced staff is always ready to help you select exactly the right products that are matched perfectly for what you’re growing and the technique you use.

Strong plant growth requires adequate nutrition throughout the growing cycles. It’s up to you to supply all the elements required, since you’re not growing in soil. We’ve been researching and testing nutrients for years and listening to our customers. Soil-free gardening nutrients come and go, so we focus on offering only those products that have proven themselves for years in actual use. We maintain a complete stock of nutrients at our Minneapolis indoor gardening store from the following manufacturers.

Discount Priced Hydroponic Nutrient Supplies in the Twin Cities

Whatever products you need to nourish and support your hydroponics plantings, you’ll find a complete supply at our convenient, well-stocked store. Our 18+ years of serving the Minneapolis St. Paul growers’ community means that we’ve found the products that work the best and are always searching for new products to add to our inventory. Our experienced staff lives and breathes hydroponic and organic gardening, and is always ready to share their expertise with customers. Come into our spacious, well-stocked store to see our complete product lines.