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Sun System Indoor Grow Lights – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Twin Cities Hydroponic Grow Light Store Located in Vancouver, WA, Sunlight Supply, Inc. was founded in 1995. As the leader in manufacturing and distributing grow light and hydroponic gardening equipment, Sunlight Supply’s Sun System line of grow light bulbs, ballasts and reflectors is manufactured in their own factory, and to the highest possible specifications. Over the years, the manufacturer has expanded its product lines to meet every indoor gardener’s needs, from self-contained compact HID lighting fixtures for small hobby plantings to digital, cool-running ballasts and components for large commercial growers. All are built with top-quality components and designed for maximum light output and optimal cooling and ventilation.

Since Sunlight Supply manufactures its own grow light reflectors and fixtures, they can maintain complete control over quality and performance. A solid commitment to quality, value, and performance is the hallmark of every Sun System product, and your assurance of healthy plants and exceptional yields. We’ve handpicked a wide range of Sun System High Intensity Discharge, Fluorescent, LED and Light-Emitting Ceramic lights for Twin Cities indoor gardeners, because they offer maximum quality and value.

Hydroponic Grow Light Store in the Twin Cities

You can rely on our fully stocked indoor and hydroponic gardening store to supply you with the ideal products at low prices. Our complete stock of the most popular HID, Fluorescent, LED and LEC bulbs, reflectors and ballasts from Sun System assures you that your design specifications can be met perfectly, and at prices you can’t beat. Come into our Minneapolis indoor garden store to select the exact products that meet your needs. If you’re not sure of exactly what to choose, our experienced indoor garden experts will help you make an ideal choice that matches your budget. We are always available for expert advice and suggestions.