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Soil and Hydroponic Solution pH, EC, and TDS Testers – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

pH EC TDS Testers Monitoring soil and nutrient solution’s Acidity (pH), Electrical Conductivity (EC), and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) is a large concern for serious gardeners, especially with hydroponic growing methods. Making sure conditions are just right for proper plant growth means regular pH, EC, TDS testing. Fortunately, today’s 21st Century measuring instruments are up to the job. We’ve hunted down and tested to find the best, most accurate and reliable instruments to stock in our Minneapolis hydroponic gardening store.

pH, EC and TDS Testers in Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

When your hydroponics gardening becomes more than a casual hobby, you need the technical tools to help you monitor and control every aspect of your plants’ growth. At our full-service hydroponics and organic gardening store, we understand your needs. We’re ready to supply you with the best and most respected test instruments available anywhere. It’s just one more reason that we are the leader in hydroponics, organic gardening, and indoor gardening in Minnesota. Visit our Minneapolis St. Paul indoor gardening store for great low prices, selection and real value.