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Hydroponic Gardening Store Twin Cities Hydroponic gardening’s popularity has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years, especially in Minnesota. Growing hydroponically is, in simple terms, growing plants in a water and nutrient solution, but without soil. Hydroponics allows you to grow herbs, fruits and vegetables in a more efficient and productive manner. You can grow anywhere, with less labor, time and area needed. It’s a year-round growing strategy, too, making it ideal for Minnesota’s tough seasonal environment.

This new technology can be applied indoors, outdoors, and even in cramped quarters, using several different methods. These methods include growing plants in containers of water or in other soil-less mediums, including sand, crushed rock, gravel and vermiculite. Indoors, powerful grow lights provide the energy plants need to grow and produce, while you control nutrients and other factors precisely and scientifically.

Advantages of Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponics Basics Are Easy to Understand

Grow Hydroponics MN The science of hydroponics has proven that the only things needed to grow plants are air, water, nutrients, and a method of delivering the plant’s requirements to the root system. The soil itself in traditional gardens simply supports roots with a stable place to grow.

Although hydroponic gardening can be done outdoors, most gardens are indoors or in a greenhouse. Because this new technology is so efficient, very little space is needed compared to a conventional outdoor garden. With great precision, you provide the exact environment, light and nutrients that your plants need by directly feeding the root system, avoiding stressing plants due to lack of nutrients or water.

Hydroponic Water Farm System Soil-free gardening is superior to traditional planting in most cases. If soil everywhere was of high quality and if everyone who wanted to grow plants owned the land to plant it on and had the time to cultivate it, hydroponics might be rarely used. However, soil varies greatly in its quality and consistency. Many of us, especially city-dwellers, townhome owners or apartment and condo dwellers lack even a small plot of land to grow plants.

Even if you live in the tiniest of apartments you can raise fruits, herbs, vegetables and flowering plants. You can raise plants hydroponically in pots or individual containers and utilize any space you have available. Many Twin Cities gardeners use grow tents to create self-contained and unobtrusive spaces.

Is Hydroponics the Right Choice for Minnesota Growers?

If you’re just starting to get interested in indoor gardening, you’ll want to learn more about it before jumping in. We know that the more you know, the more you’ll want to start enjoying this great way of planting. Here you’ll find the information you need to know before getting started with this fascinating and productive method. To learn even more, come into our store in Northeast Minneapolis to talk to our seasoned experts and shop for the products to get started right away.

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Since our store opened its door over 20 years ago, we have been helping Minnesota growers create and maintain successful hydroponic, organic and indoor gardens. We have selected the very best equipment, tools, and accessories you need to grow and harvest fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, whether you’re just beginning or expanding your current project. Our experienced and helpful staff loves to help Twin Cities growers find exactly the products they need to achieve maximum yields, and we’re always eager to answer your questions. Our low discount prices can’t be beaten, either. Visit our Minneapolis store, and we’ll show you all the possibilities.