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HPS Grow Lamps Twin Cities MN You’ll find a large stock of all grow light bulbs always available at our Twin Cities grow light and hydroponics store at low prices you won’t find elsewhere. High Pressure Sodium or HPS grow lights are widely used by growers of many types of plants to provide ideal light spectra for the production stages of growth. Many growers start their plants and take them through the initial vegetative and root growth period under Metal Halide bulbs. Then, as budding, flowering and fruiting gets underway, they switch to HPS bulbs for that stage of the cycle. We keep High Pressure Sodium bulbs in stock at all times for new and replacement needs, and in all sizes and configurations. Count on us for outstanding values and big savings on all of your grow light needs.

Save on High Pressure Sodium Bulbs

With a color spectrum tending toward the red, HPS bulbs are ideal for the flowering and fruiting phases of growth. Many growers use these bulbs throughout the growing cycle, but starting plants with MH bulbs and then switching to HPS later can produce superior results. Most Sun System ballasts let you just flip a switch when you change bulb types. We carry all of the HPS bulbs you need, in two price ranges, which makes it easy for you to make the choice to get the maximum production from your indoor gardening.

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Indoor growing demands the very best grow light products for maximum yields. We’re proud to be your supplier of all indoor plant lighting, including HPS bulbs. Everything you need is always in stock at our convenient NE Minneapolis store, at low discount prices that help you keep your growing budget under control. Count on us, too, for ballasts, reflectors, and grow light accessories. We encourage you to drop by our store soon and take advantage of our expertise and complete inventory of everything needed for successful indoor hydroponic gardening. You’ll find proven products and supplies at outstanding discount prices. We’d love to help you get the best possible results.