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EYE Hortilux HPS Grow Light Bulbs – Twin Cities, MN

EYE Hortilux High Pressure Sodium Grow Lamps Minneapolis St Paul Whether you’re selecting bulbs for new grow light systems, buying replacement bulbs for your existing setup, or making a change to improve growth by altering the color balance of the light your plants are receiving, you want to choose the right one to maximize your plant growth and yield. There are a number of indoor grow light manufacturers in the marketplace, each offering a different selection of products for HPS and MH grow lights. Prices vary, too. Smart Minnesota growers make their selections based on performance first. EYE Hortilux high pressure sodium bulbs are renowned for their high quality and exceptional reliability.

High energy output, long life, ideal color spectra, and lead-free environmental friendliness make HPS bulbs from EYE Hortilux the top choice of discerning growers. Interior Gardens offers an excellent selection of EYE Hortilux products in our Minneapolis indoor garden supply store. Match the right bulbs with your ballasts and you’ll start seeing the difference immediately. Enjoy better strong growth and high value.

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At Interior Gardens, we offer grow lights from many manufacturers, but we recommend EYE Hortilux products for Twin Cities growers who demand maximum output, high quality and solid value. You can choose any grow light bulb, so why not choose the very best? A full range of EYE Hortilux models, are always in stock at our Minneapolis hydroponic gardening store. If you have any questions about ballast compatibility or need help deciding what is the best choice, just contact us. We’re also your local source for all hydroponic and organic gardening equipment and supplies. Get low prices and expert assistance on every visit to our Minneapolis store.