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Heavy 16 Hydroponic Nutrients – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Heavy 16 Hydroponic Nutrients Twin Cities Success with hydroponic gardening isn’t achieved through guesswork. Heavy 16 nutrients are custom-formulated and supplied in highly concentrated solutions. Based on extensive research and trials, the company has determined exactly the proper dilutions of all elements for every stage of plant growth. The Heavy 16 system, when used properly and according to detailed schedules, is your best assurance of outstanding productivity and yields. For every type of organic crop, there’s no reason to guess about how to maximize your plant growth. Heavy 16 provides detailed guides, including an online calculator, so that you know exactly what the plants need.

Hydroponic Nutrient Store – Twin Cities, MN

Planning proper plant nutrition for your hydroponic plants can seem complex at times. Simplifying the calculations needed for proper dilutions of your solutions is easy when you use Heavy 16 products. Use package directions or the online calculator and you can’t go wrong. You’ll find Heavy 16 nutrients always in stock at our convenient Minneapolis, MN store. You’ll also find our experienced staff always ready to answer your questions and help you choose exactly what you need for your growing environment and types of plants. We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve outstanding yields.