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Indoor Plant Hydroponic Grow Lights Twin Cities Of the four basic things every plant needs: light, water, nutrition, and climate, proper lighting is the most important. Adequate light is the key to photosynthesis. Without it, plants grow weakly, are leggy, and may even die. Since our eyes automatically adjust to varying light conditions, what appears bright can be inadequate for plant growth. Natural sunlight is ideal for plant growth. For indoor plants to grow, it’s up to the gardener to provide plenty of light with the proper color spectrum to replace natural sunlight. Normal electric lighting just isn’t up to the task.

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There are only three basic types of lighting suitable for indoor and hydroponic gardening. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. On this page, you’ll find a very brief explanation of each type of lighting. Click the links for additional information on the individual lighting types and to check out the outstanding products in each category available at our Minneapolis grow light store.

Grow Lights are a special category of lighting. Normal household lamps simply are not adequate for proper plant growth. Plants need bright, high-powered lighting to thrive. Here’s a chart to demonstrate why the lighting you already have can’t give plants the growing power they need:

Grow Lamp Output

In addition, normal household lamps just don’t have the proper color spectrum for gardening success. The sun produces a full range of colors, and plants require parts of the color spectrum not present in typical household light bulbs. Also, different periods in the growth cycle of most plants require different parts of the color spectrum. For each type of bulb, the light output is centered on the color spectrum as shown in this chart, and measured in Kelvin Temperature. As you’ll learn, each type of bulb is best suited for different uses.

Grow Lamp Temperature Chart

Three Basic Types of Grow Lights

Over recent years a great deal of development and research has created three different types of grow lights that have proven themselves. Each of these systems has specific uses. Choosing the right equipment is important for your high yield and productivity.

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HPS Grow Lamp Store MN Nothing is more important to the success of your hydroponic indoor garden than the proper lighting. We’ve carefully selected the very best, most cost-effective products on the market for this crucial need. At our Minneapolis retail store, our expert staff can help you put together exactly the system and configuration you need for your indoor planting, and at low prices that are unmatched. You can also assemble your own system from individual components. We’re dedicated to meeting your needs with the best, most affordable system possible. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, one trip to our store will give you the answers and help you save on the cost.