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Grow Light Reflector Sales Choosing a grow light reflector design for your indoor garden is one of the most important choices you’ll make. Consider the area to be lit, along with cooling requirements and initial cost. Sun System offers an enormous selection of reflectors to let you select a model that is a perfect match for your requirements and budget. In the extensive stock of reflectors available at our retail indoor gardening and grow light store in Minneapolis, you’re sure to find exactly what you need. We’ll be happy to help you with your selection and can recommend the best ballast and bulb selections to suit any situation and budget. Our discount prices are easy on your wallet, too. Choose from any of the models below:

  • Grow Light LEC Reflector NEW! Sun System LEC Brand 315 Remote Reflector$116.95 – Designed specifically for cutting edge Light Emitting Ceramic 315-watt bulbs and matching digital ballasts, the remote design allows for maximum flexibility in installation. Highly reflective aluminum insert and open design is self-cooling. Socket and lamp cord accept only LEC 315-watt bulbs. Lamp and ballast are not included.
  • NEW! Sun System LEC Reflector with LEC Bulb and Ballast$487.95 – This system includes everything you need to create a Light Emitting Ceramic grow light system. The self-cooling reflector incorporates a 98% reflective German aluminum insert for maximum output and diffusion. It comes with a Phillips-designed ballast specifically designed for LEC lamps and a 315-watt CDM-T 315 Watt LEC brand lamp with 3100K spectrum (4200K bulb optional). 20,000-hour bulb life and 50,000 hour ballast life for long-term reliability and performance.
  • Air-Cooled Reflector NEW! Sun System LEC Brand 630-watt Air-Cooled Grow Light System$956.95 – Get the ultimate in state-of-the-art LEC technology and light output. A specially designed dual-bulb reflector with 8" cooling vent combines with two CDM-T 315 Watt LEC 3100K brand lamps (4200K bulb optional) and a Phillips-designed 630-Watt LEC ballast to provide professional grade grow light power. Hinged glass design and double neoprene gaskets. Long bulb and ballast life is part of the design. If you accept no compromises, this is the lighting system of the future.
  • Sun System Econo Wing Reflector – $33.95 – This economy-priced reflector is a great way to get started with indoor gardening. Its open design and high reflectivity matches with any bulb and ballast. Pre-wired with cord and socket. Galvanized steel mounting bracket.
  • Adjustable Reflector Sun System Adjust-A-Wing Medium Reflector – $104.95 – Adjustable width configuration, open design and low cost make these reflectors a popular choice for many growers. Increased growing area under the reflectors adds flexibility. German aluminum reflectors are 95% efficient. A large size reflector is also available.
  • Sun System Yield Master 6" Reflector$84.95 – This budget-priced, air-cooled, ducted reflector includes hinged glass and double gasket design, along with highly reflective aluminum interior. Socket and 15′ cord are included. Add your own bulb and ballast and start growing.
  • Sun System Magnum XXXL 6" Air Cooled Reflector209.95 – Expand your lighted area with this larger-scale reflector. Hinged glass with double gaskets and flow-through 6" cooling ducts. Built in level and 15′ cord and socket. Completely sealed to control heat and protect plants.
  • Magnum Reflector Sun System Magnum Low Pro 8" Air Cooled Reflector$224.95 – Low-profile reflector design is ideal for low ceiling installations. 8" cooling vents keep the system cool, while double gasket hinged glass and 95% reflective interior maximizes output from any bulb. Integrated Mogul socket and 15′ lamp cord.
  • Sun System AC / DE 8" Air Cooled Double-Ended Reflector$299.95 – Designed specifically for double-ended grow light bulbs, this reflector is air cooled with 8" vents. Hinged glass and a design that cools the reflector without lowering lamp temperature below normal operating range.
  • Sun System Flex DE Reflector$75.95 – Low-cost, efficient reflector design maximizes light for double-ended horticultural lamps. Comes complete with installed sockets and 15′ lamp cord. Enclosed wing ends provide better control of light distribution pattern.
  • Sun System Blazer DE Reflector$119.95 – Lighting square shaped growing areas has never been so effective. This self-cooling reflector offers outstanding light reflectivity and coverage. DE lamps offer improved spectrum and light emission. Includes pre-wired sockets and 15′ lamp cord.

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Creating an ideal indoor gardening environment can be complex, especially when it comes to selecting the ideal grow light reflectors and other components. That’s why we’ve personally selected a broad range of designs to stock in our hydroponic store in Minneapolis. Our horticultural specialists are experts in helping customers choose exactly the products they need for their projects, matching adequate lighting with any budget. Our high volume purchasing power lets us pass along excellent discounts, and our fully stocked warehouse lets you make just one trip to get everything you need without delays. We invite you to drop by anytime with your designs and plans. We’ll help you choose exactly the right combination of ballasts, reflectors and bulbs to make every growing project successful.