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Complete HID Grow Light Packages – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

HPS MH Grow Lights Twin Cities Many Minnesota hydroponic growers and indoor gardeners like to create their High Intensity Discharge grow light systems for themselves. They choose reflectors, ballasts and bulbs to match their needs exactly. Many growers, though, prefer to focus on their growing plans, and want light systems that are ready to go. We’re happy to help both groups choose the HID lighting fixtures that are ideal for their requirements. Our experts have put together several complete Sun System packages, designed to be excellent choices, in a range of prices. The systems below are ideal for supplying light to your growing plants. They’re ready to assemble and let you focus on other aspects of your indoor growing project.

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Whether you’re new to hydroponic gardening or have been growing for years, you’ve done your research and planning. All that’s left is assembling all of the components so you can start growing. At our convenient indoor gardening store in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area, we’re ready to help you get everything you need at outstanding low prices. You’ll find a complete stock of products whenever you visit us. You can buy everything separately or choose from a range of packaged offers that simplify your shopping. Either way, our experienced indoor gardening experts will work with you and answer all of your questions. Our goal is the same as yours: a successful, affordable, indoor growing system that gives you the high productivity and yields you demand.