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MH HPS Grow Light Cost Selecting the right horticultural lamp bulbs is essential, but the variety available often raises questions about which is the best choice. At our grow light and hydroponics garden store in Minneapolis, we maintain a large stock of grow light bulbs to meet our customers’ lighting power and budget requirements. From Metal Halide (MH) and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulbs in all power ratings to specialized bulbs and fluorescent grow lighting solutions, we’re your one-stop source for the indoor hydroponic grow lights you need. We buy in high volume and pass the discounts from our distributor along to our customers. Come in today to see the wide selection we have and the unbeatable prices we offer, including the newest and most popular models.

Metal Halide Grow Light Bulbs at Great Low Prices

Ideal for vegetative growth, MH bulbs have exactly the right spectrum for robust growth and lush foliage. Most Sun System ballasts support both MH and HPS bulbs with the flip of a switch. Many growers use MH bulbs to produce optimal growth and then switch to HPS bulbs during the flowering and fruiting stages.

  • Hortilux e-Start Metal Halide Grow Light Bulbs Prices Hortilux e-Start MH Bulbs – Designed for ideal operation with digital electronic ballasts, like Galaxy Digital models, these highly cost-effective bulbs provide longer life with those ballasts. Used to promote lush, strong vegetative growth, these e-Start models maintain the proper light spectrum for a longer period when used with digital ballasts.
    • 1000w Hortilux e-Start bulb – $75.95
    • 400w Hortilux e-Start bulb – $61.95
    • 250w Hortilux e-Start bulb – $57.95
  • Hortilux Blue MH Grow Light Bulbs Prices Eye Hortilux Blue Daylight Metal Halide Bulbs – These revolutionary bulbs are designed to duplicate natural sunlight for a fully balanced spectrum that promotes maximum vegetative growth and robust plants. Compatible with all MH-capable ballasts, they offer long life, outstanding output and are some of our most popular grow light bulb models. Choose the power that matches your ballast.
    • 1000w Hortilux Blue bulb – $191.94
    • 600w Hortilux Blue bulb – $119.95
    • 400w Hortilux Blue bulb – $103.95
    • 250w Hortilux Blue bulb – $99.95

High Pressure Sodium Grow Light Bulbs

With a color spectrum tending toward the red, HPS bulbs are ideal for the flowering and fruiting phases of growth. Many growers use these bulbs throughout the growing cycle, but starting plants with MH bulbs and then switching to HPS later can produce superior results. Most Sun System ballasts let you just flip a switch when you change bulb types. We carry all of the HPS bulbs you need, in two price ranges, which makes it easy for you to make the choice to get the maximum production from your indoor gardening.

  • Ultra Sun High Pressure Sodium Bulbs Prices Ultra Sun HPS Grow Light Bulbs at Low Cost – The low cost of these bulb models encourages growers to switch bulb types to maximize production during the flowering and fruiting stage. Even at their low cost, they offer outstanding light output and long life. All are designed for use with switchable ballasts and are compatible with Sun System reflectors.
    • Ultra Sun 1000w HPS bulbs – $45.95
    • Ultra Sun 600w HPS bulbs – $47.95
    • Ultra Sun 400w HPS bulbs – $15.95
    • Ultra Sun 250w HPS bulbs – $15.95
  • Hortilux HPS Bulbs Prices Hortilux Super HPS Grow Light Bulbs Set the Standard – These Hortilux bulbs supply up to 25% more energy in the violet, blue, and green spectrum than typical HPS bulbs, making them a good choice if you use HPS bulbs throughout the growing cycle. Or switch to them from your MH bulbs during the flowering and fruiting process for best vegetative growth and maximum yield.
    • Hortilux Super HPS 1000w bulbs – $99.95
    • Hortilux Super HPS 600w bulbs – $94.95
    • Hortilux Super HPS 400w bulbs – $75.95
    • Hortilux Super HPS 250w bulbs – $71.95

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Don’t settle for limited selection and high prices for hydroponic gardening supplies. At our convenient Minneapolis location, you’ll find everything you need at discounted prices. You’ll also discover a wealth of expertise and experience from our staff that helps you make the best possible choices for any indoor gardening environment. We’re just minutes away from any Minneapolis St. Paul metro area location, and always maintain a complete stock of the most-wanted products. Through high-volume purchasing from our supplier, we’re able to pass along our outstanding discounts to our customers, too. We invite you to visit our garden center soon and explore your indoor gardening possibilities. We dedicate ourselves to providing the very best products at prices that compete with anyone.