How Hydroponics, Grow Lights & Organic Gardening Work

Hydroponics Grow Lights If you’re just getting started with new gardening methods in Minneapolis St. Paul, Minnesota, you probably have a lot of questions. At Interior Gardens, we love introducing new gardeners to hydroponics, organic gardening and indoor gardening with Grow Lights. On this page, you’ll find some introductory information about each aspect of 21st century gardening, with links to additional information right here on our website. We know that information is the first step to success with these gardening techniques.

Hydroponics – The Bare Essentials

Hydroponic Supplies Traditionally, all gardening was done by planting directly in soil, even when plants were grown in containers. That is still common today, but new technologies have created exciting and efficient methods for growing all sorts of plants without the use of soil. These hydroponics techniques allow more flexibility for the gardener and can produce amazing results. Essentially, hydroponics is a method of growing plants, from herbs and vegetables, to flowers and bulbs without the use of soil. Instead, nutrient-rich solutions are used to bathe the roots of the plant with the necessary nutrients and oxygen needed for the plants to thrive.

In one technique, called Deep Water Culture, roots are drenched with the nutrient rich solution at all times. Oxygen is provided in dissolved form in the solution. In Aeroponic gardening, the roots are misted with the nutrient solution to keep them moist, while oxygen is supplied from the air. In the Ebb and Flow system, the nutrient solution floods the roots and their growing medium part of the time, then drains away, on a carefully planned schedule. The Drip System slowly drips the nutrient solution into a medium such as perlite or rock wool. All of these systems work well. Choosing the right system for your particular needs is important. Click Here to learn more about these hydroponics growing systems, all available from Interior Gardens at our Minneapolis store.

Grow Lights – The Key to Indoor Gardening

Fluorescent Grow Lights Whether you grow hydroponically or organically in soil, you can successfully grow almost anything in an indoor environment. One key to success is light, and plenty of it. But, it’s not that simple. Sunlight is, of course, ideal for plants, so lighting indoor gardens means supplying lighting that replaces that natural sunlight. Growing plants require lots of light to grow well, and typical indoor lighting is simply too dim for plant growth. Specialized light sources, designed specifically for indoor gardening, are needed.

These come in two basic forms. First, fluorescent grow lights can be used for some growing situations. Special fluorescent bulbs provide the correct spectrum of lighting for many types of plants, but not all plants thrive under fluorescent grow lights, and multi-tube fixtures are generally needed. High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting is the choice of most serious indoor gardeners. Either Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium lamps, along with matching reflectors and fixtures are readily available for all sorts of growing situations. Click Here for more detailed information on grow light systems available from Interior Gardens and to learn how to make the right choices for your indoor gardening.

Organic Gardening – Inside and Out

Organic Fertilizers Organic gardening is a simple concept. It is gardening without the use of pesticides and/or non-organic fertilizers. By eliminating these potentially harmful products, organic gardeners get the benefits of growing vegetables and herbs without the risk of ingesting chemicals that are unhealthy and harmful to the environment. While organic gardening can take a bit more work than other types of gardening the benefits far outweigh the extra effort.

The benefits of organic produce are many. Organically grown fruits and vegetables are higher in vitamins and other essential nutrients. Organic gardening avoids the use of all harmful chemicals, so you and your family can avoid the dangers of taking those chemicals into your bodies. The long-term health benefits are numerous and important. Finally, organic gardening keeps your local environment safe and contributes to the health of the natural environment by eliminating harmful chemicals that can enter the water system and pollute nature. At Interior Gardens, we provide extensive information on organic gardening and many products to help you create a healthy, productive organic garden.

Indoor Gardening Store – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

The experts at Interior Gardens have researched the US and international marketplace for the very best products for hydroponic, organic, and indoor lighting with grow lights. We only stock very high-quality products that provide excellent value and results for your gardening budget. In our convenient Minneapolis retail store, at 1620 Central Ave. NE, in Minneapolis, our experienced staff can help you select exactly the products you need. When you shop Interior Gardens, you know you’re getting the very best in advice and products.