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General Hydroponics Nutrients Hydroponic gardeners worldwide rely on General Hydroponics Flora and Flora Nova nutrient products for the nutritional needs of their gardens, but special situations require specialized products. General Hydroponics has researched these needs extensively and offer specialized nutrients, additives and plant enhancement products that supplement their other nutrients and offer unique solutions for virtually any hydroponic gardening need.

Nutrient research is a key element of General Hydroponics reputation for products that produce top-quality results for hobbyists and commercial growers alike. Extraordinary growth rates and yields are assured when you rely on General Hydroponics products. Why settle for less than the best, developed by the pioneer in hydroponics nutrition?

  • General Hydroponics MaxiBloom General Hydroponics MaxiBloom – A stand-alone water-soluble dry nutrient concentrate, MaxiBloom provides the nutrients needed during the blooming and fruiting stages of your crops. You’ll get increased yields and top quality with MaxiBloom.
  • General Hydroponics KoolBloom – This highly concentrated nutrient additive is designed for use in the second half of plantings’ reproductive growth. It enhances the production of essential oils and fragrances in flowers and herbs. It also facilitates ripening. Available in dry and liquid form, and in several sizes to suit any application.
  • General Hydroponics Diamond Nectar – This product enhances nutrient absorption right at the roots. Using the chelating action of humic acids, it aids in transporting molecularly heavy organic compounds into roots and plant tissues, optimizing the health of your plants and the quality of your crops. Available in several sizes to suit your needs.

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Interior Gardens is proud to feature General Hydroponics nutrients. We’ve seen the great results from their products that only intensive research and testing can produce. Whatever nutrients you need for your specific hydroponics gardening projects, there’s a General Hydroponics nutrient that’s right for the job, and Interior Gardens has the products you need in stock in our Minneapolis hydroponic supply store. You can rely on Interior Gardens for the products, expert advice, and information you need for success.