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General Hydroponics Nutrient Supplies Twin Cities As America’s pioneering hydroponics manufacturer, General Hydroponics created its Building-Block Nutrient System through extensive research and testing. The culmination of that research is the General Hydroponics Flora and FloraNova series of concentrated plant nutrients. Supplying all the elements needed by your plants, both are complete systems, designed to provide primary, secondary, and micronutrients in a precise blend that gives you the maximum yields that have made these products the top choice of beginning and seasoned growers worldwide.

By adjusting mixtures from the concentrated products, growers can match these nutrients to meet specific requirements in almost all situations. The Flora Series is designed to stimulate the plant growth in every stage of its growth cycle. NASA and Antarctic research labs have chosen Flora Series because of its high quality and superior performance.

Additional products in this line include FloraCleen, designed to remove unwanted residues, plus FloraNectar and Floralicious products for specialized needs. Test and adjust pH with General Hydroponics products, too. Find them all at Interior Gardens. Our experienced staff members are there to help you choose the right products.

Complete Hydroponics Nutrient Store in the Twin Cities, MN

You’ll always find a complete line of General Hydroponics products in stock in our Minneapolis gardening store. These popular products will always provide the top-quality results you expect, whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional grower. We stock all sizes, and keep our prices low through volume purchasing. Visit our convenient Minneapolis store soon.