Gardening Tools & Accessories – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Gardening Composters Whether you prefer organic, hydroponic, or any form of indoor gardening, tools and accessories, specially designed to do the jobs you need to do, are a must. At Interior Gardens, our long experience with 21st Century gardening techniques has led us to select a wide variety of tools to help you accomplish anything. Our gardening store in Minneapolis St. Paul Metro is chock-full of essential tools and must-have accessories to increase your productivity and satisfaction. All the products we’ve chosen are tops in quality and priced lower than our competitors’ products.

  • Composting Products – From the Garden Gourmet composter to the odor-killing Kitchen Composter waste bin, we have the composting products you need to create valuable organic compost the easy way. Naturally, we also offer compost activator to help things along, books to help you learn about composting, and parts for our composting products. Every organic gardener can benefit from these products.
  • Flame Defender Fire Extinguishers – Hot Grow Lights and complicated electrical wiring can pose a risk for indoor hydroponic gardeners. Automatic Flame Defender Fire Extinguishers, available in three sizes, are installed above the area to be protected. If temperatures exceed a preset level, the Class C extinguishing material is released in a circular spray that quickly extinguishes even electrical fires, without damaging sensitive components. Install Flame Defender extinguishers today, and protect your investment, your home, and your family.
  • Gardening Water Filtration Filters Water Filtration – When you grow with hydroponics, the purity of your water can be an important factor in nutrient uptake and prevent harmful deposits from damaging your expensive equipment. Interior Gardens offers a complete line of water purification products to deal with these issues.
  • Gardening Hand Tools – Pruning and trimming is a constant task in all types of gardening. Interior Gardens has selected a choice group of pruners, scissors, and snips to make this time-consuming task a lot easier.
  • Reflective Materials – When you’re gardening indoors with grow lights, any light that doesn’t reach your plants is wasted. The more of the light you create with your grow lights, the more productive your garden will be. Interior Gardens offers reflective films of several types to help you maximize your lighting.
  • Hydroponics Measuring Cups – Precision is critical when measuring nutrients in hydroponics systems. Our graduating measuring cups display measurements in culinary measures, ounces and metric quantities. That lets you match the instructions on the products you use for accuracy.
  • Sprayers – Whether you’re misting plants with water or applying leaf fertilizers or for any other reason, our sprayers, both pump-style and spray bottles in various sizes are non-reactive, resist corrosion, and are ergonomically designed to prevent repetitive-stress injuries.
  • Bamboo Stakes & Plant Supports – Keeping plants upright at all stages of growth is crucial. Our bamboo stakes and clips make that job simple, letting you concentrate on the rest of your gardening chores.

Hydroponic & Organic Gardening Tools from Interior Gardens, Minneapolis, MN

You may think you can get the accessories and tools you need anywhere, but run-of-the-mill hardware and home store products just aren’t designed for the specific needs of hydroponic, organic, and indoor gardeners. At Interior Gardens, we’ve used and tested the products we sell in the environments where you’ll be using them. Second-best products don’t appear in our inventory. Get the accessories you need in our Minneapolis Interior Gardens Store, at 1620 Central Ave. NE, just off I-35W. We know our products will give you the outstanding performance you deserve.