General Hydroponics Nutrients General Hydroponics has dedicated much of its modern technology and research to hydroponic gardening. Through research and constant testing, General Hydroponics hydroponics systems, nutrients and other products have earned a top reputation among professional and amateur growers. Interior Gardens is proud to feature the full line of General Hydroponics products in its Minneapolis retail gardening center and at its online shopping center.

General Hydroponics Nutrients Along with its Flora and Flora Nova series nutrients, General Hydroponics also offers a wide variety of other nutrients and hydroponics additives. All are based on extensive research and give you the top-quality results you insist on. Interior Gardens is proud to provide these powerful growing solutions to our customers.

General Hydroponics Flora Nova General Hydroponics Flora and FloraNova series of nutrients for hydroponics gardening is the original Building-Block Nutrient System, developed and refined to handle every nutritional need of your plants. Known worldwide as the industry standard, you can mix and blend these products to meet any need and achieve the results you demand and deserve. Interior Gardens offers the complete line of these products from General Hydroponics because we have seen the quality results they produce.

Botanicare Pure Blend Botanicare Fertilizers and Plant supplements are the ideal organic and bioorganic solutions for all of your hydroponics and other growing needs. You’ll find a complete lineup of products to handle every stage of plant growth, no matter what growing methods you used. Derived from natural sources, including animal, plant, and natural mineral sources, Botanicare products are environmentally sound and formulated to give you the best possible results in all forms of gardening.

Botanicare Nutrients Botanicare offers a complete lineup of nutrients and supplements for hydroponics and soil-based gardening. Designed for every gardening environment from casual hobby gardens to commercial projects, each product is formulated to be highly effective and environmentally friendly. At Interior Gardens, we hear from our customers constantly about their success with Botanicare products.

Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Pure Blend Pro Nutrients from Botanicare are an ideal way to assure maximum production from your hydroponics or soil-based gardening project. Formulated to be environmentally sound and free of harsh synthetic chemicals, these bioorganic nutrients will push your plants to the limit. Time-tested and proven, each product is designed for a specific part of the growth cycle and is designed to provide every element needed for healthy, robust plants. Interior Gardens is proud to feature Botanicare products.

Sun System Grow Lights Ballasts For indoor and hydroponic gardening, proper lighting is essential. Your choice of grow lights and grow light products can make the difference between maximum production and unsatisfactory results. Sunlight Supply, Inc. is recognized as the leader in the design and manufacture of grow lights of all types, and has a wide range of high-quality grow light products available for every gardening need. Interior Gardens features Sun System grow light products from Sunlight Supply, because we know they’ll meet our customers’ exacting demands and produce maximum results.

Sun System Grow Light Fixture If you’re just getting started with indoor or hydroponic gardening, you’ll probably be starting with a small setup. Lighting small hydroponic or other gardens is easy with self-contained HPS or MH lighting systems from Sun System. There’s no separate ballast to deal with and these systems are ready to hang. Just plug them in and get the lighting you need to maximum success.

Sun System Fluorescent Grow Lights While high intensity HPS and MH lamps are ideal for most indoor growing, fluorescent grow lights have a number of uses for indoor and hydroponics gardeners. For starting new plantings, growing plants like orchids and African violets, plants that require less intense light, and for indoor gardens in places where the heat of high intensity grow lights can’t be accommodated, fluorescent grow lights are a popular solution.

Sun System Grow Light Ballasts When selecting a ballast for your HPS or MH grow lights, an economical, long lasting choice is a high-quality magnetic ballast from Sun System. All Sun System ballasts in this category available from Interior Gardens can be used with 120/240-volt power, and most are switchable for use with HPS or MH bulbs. Quality and performance are the hallmarks of Sunlight Supply grow light components.

Sun System Electronic Ballasts Designing your lighting system involves many choices. One of the most important is your choice of ballasts for your HPS or MH bulbs. Galaxy Digital ballasts from Sun System may be your best choice. Highly efficient and energy saving digital ballasts are the 21st century choice for new or replacement ballasts. Interior Gardens is proud to feature these high-tech ballasts for our discerning customers.

Sunlight Supply Grow Light Reflector If you’re creating a customized Grow Light system for your indoor or hydroponics projects, selecting the right reflectors is a crucial decision. Sun System from Sunlight Supply, Inc. manufactures a wide variety of grow light reflectors to meet any grow light need. Interior Gardens offers a full range of Sun System and Sunlight Supply reflectors, all at great prices and in stock, ready for you to buy, at our Minneapolis grow light store.

Sun System Yield Master Reflector Among the top-quality grow light reflectors offered at Interior Gardens, we especially feature Sun System’s Yield Master, a compact 2′ square reflector, and the Magnum XXXL, one of the largest reflectors available. Our best sellers, both are terrific values, offering Sun System’s high quality features and flexibility. Choosing either reflector will assure you of excellent lighting and optimal lighting conditions.

Hydrofarm Grow Lights Hydrofarm is America’s oldest and largest manufacturer of hydroponics gardening equipment and grow lights. Established in 1977, Hydrofarm uses only premium-quality components and time-tested designs for its products. Interior Gardens is proud to offer our customers a specially selected range of Hydrofarm products because we know they’ll meet the most exacting expectations.

Hydrofarm Grow Light Reflectors Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of indoor and hydroponics gardeners create grow light systems for their projects. One of the lessons we’ve learned in our 18+ years is that our customers sometimes struggle with creating lighting systems from individual components. Matching ballasts, reflectors, bulbs, and more can be complex. So, we’ve created special grow light packages from high-quality components that let you buy a complete grow light package at a great price. We guarantee compatibility for these systems, letting you focus on your gardening plans.

Hydrofarm Balasts Many indoor and hydroponics gardeners want to customize every aspect of their gardening environment by selecting exactly the components they want and assembling them into a growing environment that matches their ideas exactly. Interior Gardens offers a wide range of grow light components from Hydrofarm that you can mix and match for great results.

EYE Hortilux MH HPS Bulbs Selecting the right bulbs for your grow lights can make a big difference in the success of your crops. Aside from making sure the bulbs you select are a match for your grow light ballasts, high-quality bulbs from global grow light specialist EYE Hortilux gives you the extra edge. Long life, high output, and wide spectrum light makes Hortilux grow light bulbs stand out from the rest.

House Garden Soil Nutrients The Netherlands is the prime growing area in the world for flowers. Part of the reason for their success is the use of top-quality nutrients developed by William Van de Zwann, founder of House and Garden Nutrients. Years of research, testing, and refinement have made House and Garden Nutrients the choice of gardeners worldwide who are seeking maximum results from their soil-based and hydroponics gardens. Interior Gardens takes pride in offering these amazing nutrient products to our customers.

Fox Farm Soil FoxFarm, based on the Pacific coast of California, is a small, family-run business that produces an extensive line of organic and organic-based soils, fertilizers, and other products for the dedicated grower. Naturally based and built around organic ingredients like earthworm castings, FoxFarm products are a favorite with Interior Gardens and its thousands of loyal customers.

Grodan Rockwool One of the most popular growing medium for hydroponics is stonewool, also called rockwool. Cultivation on stonewool allows the grower to completely control the water and nutrients the plants need, while allowing complete aeration of the roots for maximum growth potential. The sterile environment provided by stonewool eliminates many reasons for crop failures. Grodan manufactures a wide range of stonewool growing media products in Europe. Interior gardens highly recommends Grodan stonewool/rockwool products.

Dutch Master Nutrients For maximum results in all hydroponic growing methods, Interior Gardens highly recommends Dutch Master Nutrients and additives. Made from top quality British and US Pharmaceutical grade and laboratory reagent grade ingredients, Dutch Master Gold Grade nutrients and nutritional additives make up a system that will give you up to 30% higher yields and results. A highly technical system, Dutch Master Gold Grade nutrients must be used precisely, following the manufacturers recommendations closely. This is powerful stuff!

Technaflora Nutrients Located on the Pacific Coast in British Columbia, Technaflora offers a trusted and very effective line of plant nutrients and additives for all types of gardening. A combination of unique products and a devotion to excellence in quality and consistency has made Technaflora a popular and dependable supplier of nutrition for soil and hydroponics growers. Interior Gardens is proud to offer Technaflora products to its discerning customers, because we know they’ll give you the results you demand.

Technaflora Pura Vida Technaflora Pura Vida nutrient system is a unique, two-part organic nutrient system for use with any hydroponics gardening method. Developed by intensive research and tested in real-life growing, Pura Vida from Technaflora is a great way to make your growing process organic, without losing the benefits of the high-powered nutrition that provides the growing success you need.