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FoxFarm Organic Soils – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Organic Potting Soil Twin Cities FoxFarm is known as the microbrewery of premium plant foods and soil mixes. Using earthworm castings and other natural ingredients as a starting point, Fox Farm has created an extensive line-up of organic and organic-based products that are created in small batches and formulated to be Earth-friendly and highly effective in producing top yields for growers and the general gardening community.

In over 17 years of producing these excellent products, FoxFarm’s reputation has grown and their dedication to uncompromising quality and consistent care is legendary. The entire process, from cultivating the earthworm cultures that create the castings that form the base for most of their products to the formulations used, is under the direct supervision of FoxFarm. Our Twin Cities indoor gardening store is proud to offer these products to local Minnesota growers.

FoxFarm Soils and Conditioners

For container gardening, indoors and out, it’s almost impossible to beat potting soils and soil conditioners by Fox Farm. Everything you need for strong, healthy plants is right in the bag. With ingredients like earthworm castings, bat guano, and Pacific Northwest fish and crab meal, all in a mixture of forest humus, sandy loam and peat moss, it gives your plants a great start and the nourishment they need, along with a light, aerated growing medium that helps them thrive.

Twin Cities Source for FoxFarm Potting Soils

At Interior Gardens, we hear from growers across the Twin Cities about their successes and failures. FoxFarm products win high praise from Minnesota gardeners and produce outstanding results. Give these remarkable naturally based products a try to see for yourself and you’ll sing their praises too. FoxFarm soils and planting mixes are always available at our Minneapolis organic fertilizer store at great low prices. Visit our store soon and take advantage of our expertise and experience. Helping gardeners achieve the success they’re looking for is always our highest priority.