Fans, Blowers, & Air Purification Products – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Vortex Power Fan Indoor growing environments require excellent air circulation. Add to that the requirement to remove excess heat caused by hot grow lights, and the need for fans and blowers, along with their accessory ductwork, etc., is clear. Indoor and hydroponic gardening can also raise humidity in grow rooms, and plants and their nutrients can create odors, so air filtration and odor control can be important in many cases. Interior Gardens offers a complete line of top-quality products for all these needs. We maintain a large stock of fans, blowers, and air purification products at our Minneapolis gardening store and warehouse. Visit our store and check out these products:

  • Fans & Blowers – You’ll find fans and blowers from quality manufacturers like EcoPlus, Vortex, CanFan, and Sunleaves. From wall fans in all sizes for general air circulation to inline duct fans for heat removal duty, we have the perfect fan or blower for your every need.
  • Ducting & Accessories – Flexible ducting, both insulated and uninsulated, in sizes from 6" – 12", makes it easy to create a ventilation system for your growing environment. We also offer backdraft dampers, clamps, and all other accessories you’ll need to install your ventilation system.
  • Carbon Filters – Let’s face it, gardening indoors sometimes creates organic and chemical odors. Use our activated carbon filters, from Carbonaire and Phresh, to control unwanted odors and keep your growing environment from giving itself away to your family, guests and others. Available in a wide range of sizes to fit any ventilation system, these filters are a must for any indoor gardening project.
  • HEPA filters Hepa Filters – Keep all unwanted molds, bacteria, dust, insects, and other unwanted elements out of your growing environment and help insure disease-free gardening. Interior Gardens offers a huge variety of Hepa Filters to meet your needs, in sizes to fit all air intake systems.
  • Dust Shroom – Keep dust and all other particles down to 0.1 micron in size out of your air-cooled grow light reflectors to keep them operating as efficiently as possible, and to keep molds and bacteria out of your garden.
  • Odor Killing Sprays & Gels – Ona and Ozium air sanitizer and odor removal sprays and gels can help control the organic and chemical odors generated by hydroponic gardening systems. From occasional use sprays to continuous and timed dispensers in a wide range of sizes, get a handle on your odor problems and keep your growing projects from becoming a smelly nuisance.
  • Ozone Generators & Ionizers – Ozone and Ionizers are proven odor-reduction technologies, perfectly suited for controlling all odors in your growing environment. We offer a complete range of Uvonair ozone generators and corona-discharge ionizers to help you solve all your odor problems.

Interior Gardens – Air Circulation & Odor Control Supplies Minnesota Gardeners

At Interior Gardens, we’re dedicated to supplying everything you need for any indoor gardening project. Air circulation and odor control are vital to the success of your operations, so we’ve chosen some of the best products on the market to make your choices easy. Choose from our large stock to manage your air circulation needs, and keep your gardening odor free to help keep peace in your building and prevent your projects from even being noticed by your neighbors. You’ll find all of these products at our Minneapolis St. Paul gardening store at 1620 Central Ave. NE, just off I-35W. If you have any questions about ventilation, air circulation or air filtration and odor control, contact us anytime.