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Dutch Master Nutrients Dutch Master was founded in 1998, with the goal of producing the best hydroponic nutrient system in the world. Using only pharmaceutical and laboratory reagent grade ingredients, every batch is independently lab tested for consistency with the formula, so you know you’re getting exactly the product you order.

Dutch Master Gold is a two-part system that took 6 years to perfect. Each part is mixed with your hydroponic nutrient solution separately, with the desired additives also mixed separately. The system has different formulas for the growth phase and the blooming phase, each formulated for maximum results using any hydroponics medium or method. Try Dutch Master Gold Grade nutrients and additives, and you’ll unlock the power of your garden. Interior garden offers the following Dutch Master products:

Dutch Master Gold Grade Nutrients

  • Dutch Master Gold Grow A & B – Use this two part formula during the vegetative growth phase in any hydroponic system. You need both products, and they must be mixed with your nutrient solution separately, and as described on the label. Available in 1-liter, 5-liter, and 20-liter sizes, there’s a size that’s right for your hydroponics installation.
  • Dutch Master Gold Bloom A & B – For the flowering and fruiting phase of your plants’ growth, switch to the Bloom formula of the Dutch Master Gold system. As with the Gold Grow formula, both parts of the formula must be mixed separately into your nutrient solution. Use only the recommended additives to take advantage of Dutch Master’s exacting research and use caution when experimenting with other additives. Follow label instructions carefully. 1-liter, 5-liter, and 20-liter sizes are available.

Dutch Master Hydroponics Additives

  • Dutch Master Add27 Nutrients Dutch Master Add.27 Grow – This powerful additive uses chelating technology to boost the uptake of minerals and other nutrients by your plants. It optimizes your nutrient solution and increases performance of the Gold System nutrients during the vegetative growth phase. Mixed before adding Gold Grow nutrient, it improves plant growth dramatically. 1-liter and 5-liter sizes.
  • Dutch Master Add.27 Flower – When you switch to Gold Bloom for the flowering phase of plant growth, this product provides the same function as Add.27 Grow does for the growth phase. Specially formulated to support robust budding, blooming and fruiting, it optimizes your nutrient solution.
  • Dutch Master Silica – For robust stems and leaves, Dutch Master Silica is the ideal additive. Supplying silica in its potassium form, along with other micronutrients, it gives your plants the silica boost they need.
  • Dutch Master Zone – This technically advanced root zone conditioner promotes healthy, robust, and effective root systems in all hydroponics gardening methods. Healthy root systems mean great growth and production.
  • Dutch Master Max Grow Nutrients Dutch Master Max Grow – Often, plants can’t uptake nutrients quickly enough to take advantage of a rich nutrient solution. Dutch Master Max Grow helps plants create special nutrient reservoirs that meet unusual demands and adverse conditions. Chelation allows increased availability and uptake. 1 and 5-liter sizes.
  • Dutch Master Liquid Light – This foliar spray is formulated to improve the way your plants utilize and process light. It supercharges the chloroplasts and increases light absorption up to 60%. The more light absorption, the better your results. Use with Dutch Master Saturator Gold to improve absorption of the foliar spray.
  • Dutch Master Gold Reverse – This unique foliar spray performs the almost miraculous job of preventing costly seed production problems by acting on male flowers to prevent the problem. Just spray Reverse on your plants with the lights on, and your seed headache will be gone.

Interior Gardens – Supplying Dutch Master Gold Power for Maximum Results

When you want maximum production from your hydroponic gardening, you can’t do better than Dutch Master Gold. These powerful nutritional products will boost the performance of any hydroponics system. Just follow the usage instructions exactly and watch your plants thrive and produce like never before. Dutch Master products are available at the Interior Gardens Minneapolis hydroponic garden store. If you have any questions about these or any other products, contact us for expert advice and suggestions.