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Digital Grow Light Ballasts – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Digital Ballasts Twin Cities Magnetic grow light ballasts have been available for many years, but growers wanted quieter, cooler operation for their growing setups. To meet that need, Sun System engineered a new type of ballast that uses digital electronics to cut down on noise and run cooler. Choose a digital ballast if you’re looking for quieter operation that allows you to operate your grow lights at different outputs for customized operation. Available in both 600-watt and 1000-watt models, all Sun System Galaxy ballasts are compatible with all MH and HPS grow lamp types. They are also available to power the new light-emitting ceramic (LEC) bulbs and Double-ended (DE) bulbs. More efficient in operation, they save money on energy bills. Select a model that matches your specific requirements and desired grow light power.

Electronic Grow Light Ballasts at Low Discount Prices

No two growers are alike, so our grow light and hydroponics store in Minneapolis offers a range of equipment, including electronic ballasts of all types to meet their exact needs. Whether you shop in our convenient retail store or online, you’ll find reliable Sun System power supplies that match your bulb size and type in stock and at remarkably low prices. Our goal has always been to offer only the very best products at the very best prices you can find anywhere. We’ve hand-selected these products because they’ve proven themselves in real-life growing environments. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, call on us for expert advice and recommendations. We’ll be happy to assist you in every way.