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Compact HPS and MH Grow Lights by Sun System – Twin Cities, MN

High Intensity Discharge Grow Lights Twin Cities For small growing installations and for beginners in hydroponic and indoor gardening, compact lighting systems that provide the high-intensity light needed for productive growth are a great choice. You could design your own HPS or MH grow light system, but a self-contained fixture is the simplest solution. Economically priced and completely self-contained, these fixtures allow you to set up your indoor garden, then just hang the grow light and plug it in. Nothing could be simpler. You get the lighting you need, with the correct color balance for ideal plant growth, but with none of the hassle of trying to figure out what parts are needed to do the job.

Sun System from Sunlight Supply has created two HPS or MH grow light systems that are ideal for the small indoor garden or for beginners who plant to try indoor and hydroponic gardening. Sun System understands your needs and offers these very affordable, but powerful, lighting systems to help assure you of healthy plant growth and high yields, even if you’re just getting started.

Ready-to-Hang HPS and MH Grow Lights for Twin Cities Growers

We want to make first efforts at indoor and hydroponics gardening as simple and successful as possible. When it comes to grow lights, our self-contained HPS or MH fixtures from Sun System are an ideal solution. Low in cost and easy to set up, they simplify those initial steps, while providing the right lighting for your plants. Come to our Minnesota hydroponics and indoor garden store to find all the products you need, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced indoor gardener. Whenever you have questions about products, just contact us for expert advice and suggestions.