Climate, Environmental, and CO2 Control – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Gardening Environmental Controllers One of the best features of indoor gardening is your ability to completely control the growing environment. You control the quality, intensity, and timing of lighting with your grow lights, but you can do even more. Control temperature and even the concentration of CO2 in your grow room, and you can create an environment that is even better than the outdoors and get the best yields possible for your plantings. If you’re taking your indoor gardening to the highest levels, Interior Gardens has all the products you need to make your indoor garden environment superior to the outdoors in every respect. From environment controllers to CO2 boost buckets and generators and even water chillers, we know what you need and have chosen only the very best for our inventory. Check the links below to view our product lines:

  • Sentinel Environmental Controllers & Timers – Sentinel has combined all environmental controllers into one convenient digital system, giving you the maximum of both control and ease of use. From single system controllers to all-in-one controllers that let you control everything from CO2 systems and heating to humidity and lighting. There’s a Sentinel controller or timer to suit every growing need, and Interior Gardens offers them all. Set your Sentinel and you’ll know everything’s under control.
  • CO2 Generators CO2 Generators & Burners – Adding additional CO2 to your growing environment is one of the easiest ways to boost plant growth and reduces plant stress under high temperatures. You can gain up to a 35% increase in flower and fruit production. Propane or natural gas burners are the most cost-effective way to boost CO2, so Interior Gardens offers a complete line of GEN-1 and GEN-2 CO2 generators, along with the HydroGen water-cooled CO2 Generator system.
  • CO2 Boost and Control Products – From CO2Boost Bucket systems that can supply additional CO2 for up to 90 days, operating only when your grow lights are on for maximum growth boosting, to CO2 testers, controllers and monitors to CO2 tank regulators, you’ll find everything you need to provide an optimal environment for your indoor growing installations.
  • Water Coolers & Chillers – The combination of grow lights and enclosed spaces can generate a lot of heat…too much heat for your comfort and for your plants. Inline water-cooled heat exchangers and water chillers can take the heat out of the air circulating through your grow lights, and lower temperatures overall to optimal levels. Combine Ice Box Water-Cooled Heat Exchangers with a Chill King Water Chiller, and you’ll get your heat under control.

Interior Gardens – Maximum Control for Your Minnesota Indoor Garden

When your indoor gardening is more than just a casual hobby, Interior Garden is ready to supply you with the very best products to help you control your grow room’s environment and get maximum production. We’re your best source for advice and products to optimize your projects and realize top-level results. At our Minneapolis St Paul hydroponic and organic gardening store, you’ll find only hand-selected products, chosen by experts in indoor and hydroponic gardening, and all supported with knowledgeable advice and the best prices anywhere. When you’re dedicated to success, we’re dedicated to helping you exceed your expectations.