Increase Your Gardening Knowledge with Our Book Selection

Hydroponic Gardening Books For successful gardening, no matter what techniques you use, knowledge is the key to maximum success. At Interior Gardens, we’re constantly reading and studying to increase our knowledge of hydroponics, organic, and indoor gardening. From all that reading, we’ve selected a great collection of books to offer our Minneapolis St. Paul gardening customers. Our belief is that the more you learn, the more success you’ll have with your gardening projects. Check out these books and other media, selected for everyone, from those just getting started with today’s gardening technologies to experienced gardeners looking to expand their knowledge:

  • The Green Gardener’s Guide – Joe Lamp’s guide to gardening will teach you to garden the way nature intended. You’ll find all the advice you need to garden in harmony with nature between these covers.
  • No Stress Guide to Indoor Hydroponics DVD – No time for reading? Sit back and learn from this educational and entertaining DVD. It’ll give you a great introduction into how to set up and maintain an indoor hydroponic garden.
  • Hydroponic Food GardensHydroponic Home Food Gardens – Author Howard M. Resh packs a complete guide to growing food using hydroponics techniques into this 158 page soft cover book. A great starting point in your search for knowledge.
  • Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening – From Rodale Press, this is a must-have reference book for every organic gardener. Full of diagrams, instructions, and information, its 690 pages will answer all your questions.
  • The Rodale Book of Composting – Learn about every aspect of composting in this well-written reference book. Ideal for any gardener, it’s the only book you need on this subject.
  • Hydroponics Questions & Answers – In this excellent resource, Howard M. Resh answers hundreds of questions about hydroponics. The index helps you find the answers you need to every question you have.
  • Secrets of Plant Propagation – This book was voted one of America’s 75 Best Garden Books by the American Horticultural Society. It’s a step-by-step, illustrated guide to propagation techniques. This book belongs on every gardener’s bookshelf.
  • Gardening Indoors with CO2 – Maximize your indoor garden’s production by increasing the amount of CO2 in the air. George Van Patten shows you how to use this revolutionary strategy to get the most from your garden.
  • Gardening Indoors with Soil & Hydroponics – George Van Patten’s classic guide to indoor gardening, in its latest edition. This is the one book every indoor gardener must have.
  • More Books from Interior Gardens – We’re always on the watch for new books and information to offer our loyal customers. Click the link to browse through all of our currently available books or visit our Minneapolis retail center to find other books to help you become a more knowledgeable gardener.

Interior Gardens – Dedicated to Your Gardening Success

Like all other products at Interior Gardens, these books were hand-selected to provide the information you need to be successful with your gardening projects. Everything we do, and every product we offer is chosen after long research and hands-on experience. When you shop at Interior Gardens you get the benefit of that care and dedication, and it will show in the success of your garden. Come to our Minneapolis retail garden store and meet our staff of dedicated gardening experts.