Grow Light Ballasts at Discount Prices – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Sun System Hardcore Ballasts The heart of every grow light system is its ballast. These important components provide the power and ignition sources for grow light bulbs that match a particular ballast in output wattage and design. Available in both economical magnetic designs and efficient, flexible, cool-running digital designs, growers can choose from a wide range of Sun System ballasts to match their budgets and light output requirements. Through the power of high-volume purchasing, we’re able to offer these products at great low prices. Let us help you choose a combination of ballast, bulb, and reflector to suit your growing environment precisely, at a low price that won’t empty your wallet. Choose from the proven, reliable models below and you’ll be assured of top performance and consistent growing conditions for your indoor gardening needs.

Money-Saving Magnetic Ballasts Are a Solid Start

Magnetic ballasts are a tried-and-true solution for powering both MH and HPS lamps. Most of the units listed below are compatible with both bulb types and are available to power lamps from 400 watts to 1000 watts. Match the ballast capacity with a bulb that provides adequate light for the size of your growing area.

  • Sun System Hardcore Ballast Cost 1000-Watt Sun System Hardcore Ballast – $109.95: Compact and cool running, with switchable compatibility for MH and HPS bulbs. Comes with an 8-foot, 120-volt power cord. 240-volt cord sold separately. Provides reliable power for years of operation. Lamp cord receptacle is compatible with all Sun System reflectors.
  • 1000-Watt Sun System Hardcore DE Ballast – $133.95: Designed specifically to power the latest double-ended 1000-watt HPS bulbs, this magnetic ballast offers reliable power, cool-operation and dual 120 / 240-volt compatibility. Designed to match Sun System DE reflector designs.
  • 600-Watt Sun System Hardcore Ballast – $103.95: Match this affordable model with any 600-watt HPS bulb and reflector and start growing. Compatible with all Sun System reflectors and 120/240-volt power. Rubber feet for noise isolation and removable stainless steel handles. 120-volt power cord included.
  • 400-Watt Harvest Pro Magnetic Ballast – $134.95: Ideal for lighting smaller growing areas, this model from Sun System is switchable for HPS and MH bulbs and can be switched from 120v to 240v power. Capacitor and igniter are kept separate from the ballast for longer life. Compact design with louvered cooling.

Galaxy Grow Amp Digital Ballasts from Sun System for Quiet Cool Performance

Choose a digital ballast if you’re looking for quieter, cooler operation that allows you to operate your grow lights at different outputs. Available in both 600-watt and 1000-watt models, all Sun System Galaxy ballasts are compatible with all grow lamp types, including MH, HPS and the latest DE lamps. More efficient in operation, they also save money on energy bills. Select a model that matches your specific requirements.

  • Sun System Galaxy Ballast Prices 600-Watt Galaxy Grow Amp Electronic Ballast – $172.95: Operate any 600-watt grow lamp bulb at 400-watt or 600-watt power for flexibility in light output. Also operates 400-watt HPS and MH lamps properly. Turbo Charge mode extends bulb life at full output. Compatible with all Sun System reflectors. 120v or 240v operation. 120v power cord included.
  • 1000-Watt Galaxy Electronic Grow Amp Ballast – $229.95: This ballast will operate any 1000-watt MH or HPS bulb at 600w / 750w / 1000w power for maximum output flexibility. At the 600w setting, it will also properly power any 600w bulb. 120v or 240v power input, with 120v cord supplies. Fan cooled. Outstanding, quiet, cool operation and compatibility with all Sun System reflectors.
  • 315-Watt Galaxy LEC Electronic Ballast – $172.95: Designed specifically for the latest Light Emitting Ceramic (LEC) metal halide bulb technology, it offers outstanding flexibility, delivering 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% & 100% power to let you customize light output to suit your growing needs. It’s compatible with all Sun System reflectors, including the latest LEC 315 reflector from Sun System. 120/240v operation with a rated life of 50,000 hours.

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At Interior Gardens, we’re dedicating to providing a complete selection of the products needed by indoor growers in the Twin Cities Metro area. Our conveniently located store and warehouse in Minneapolis is fully stocked with every product you need for successful growing. Our experienced grow light specialists will be glad to help you create an indoor gardening system for any project, large or small. Our volume purchasing lets us keep our prices low and our extensive stock on hand means instant access to the products you need. Visit us soon to discuss your plans and let us help you save on our hand-selected products.