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Minneapolis Store CLOSED

After 20 great years in Minneapolis, Interior Gardens has moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. At our U.P. Michigan store, we carry the same selection of products and offer the same everyday low prices. At the same time, our online store is open 24/7. You can call our new store to place your order or order online with the shopping carts on this website. You will get the same high-quality products, great customer service and low prices that we are known for.

In Minnesota and throughout the country, more and more people are discovering the unique benefits of indoor and organic gardening technology. They’re switching from outmoded, soil-based gardening techniques to more productive, healthier, and greener hydroponic, organic, and indoor gardening. By utilizing the latest products, it’s easy to create healthy gardens year round, even in cold winter climates. We supply a wide range of products along with our knowledge that will help you build an efficient and productive indoor garden.

At our hydroponics and grow light store, we’re dedicated to helping our customers learn about how hydroponic, organic, and indoor gardening can create a new way of producing quality food, while enjoying a great activity and benefiting from a healthy and creative lifestyle. We always have outstanding, hand-selected products in every category in stock and ready to help you get started or expand your growing project.

Hydroponics, Grow Lights and Organic Gardening Supplies – Minneapolis, MN

Indoor Gardening Supplies Twin Cities Through our high-volume purchasing, we’re able to pass along outstanding savings to our customers on a complete range of gardening products. You can save even more by taking advantage of our special offers and deals on the products you need. Throughout the year, we offer special pricing on selected products. These prices are for a limited time only, so check our Specials page for savings you can enjoy right now.

Interior Gardens is the leading hydroponics and organic gardening supply store in the Minneapolis St. Paul Metro area. We stock every product you need to achieve success in traditional organic gardening, hydroponics, and indoor gardening. Our staff has extensive experience in helping our customers choose the very best products to realize their goals, and is dedicated to your success. We carry only the highest-quality, time-tested products, and offer the best prices available anywhere.

Our Minneapolis retail gardening store is centrally located in the Twin Cities Metro area, right in the heart of Northeast Minneapolis and offers a huge range of products. Our warehouse, at the same address, maintains a large stock of all products, letting you take delivery of almost anything we offer on the spot. For our customers outside of the immediate area, we also offer online shopping with great low prices and fast shipping on our most popular products.