Hydroponics, Grow Lights & Organic Gardening – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

In the Minneapolis St. Paul, MN area and throughout the country, more and more people are discovering the unique benefits of 21st century gardening technology. They’re switching from old-fashioned gardening techniques to more productive, healthier, and greener hydroponic, organic, and indoor gardening. They are utilizing the latest developments and strategies to create beautiful, healthy gardens year round, even in cold winter climates. At Interior Gardens, you’ll find everything you need for any gardening project:

  • Indoor Grow Lights – The complete range of grow light technology, including fluorescent, high intensity discharge (HID) and LED grow lights, to maximize your success.
  • Hydroponic Gardening – Growing equipment and environments, nutrients, and media for all methods of hydroponic growing at any scale.
  • Organic Gardening – All the products you’ll need for complete success in growing a thriving organic garden.

Gear up for your summer garden and get your seeds started now. Interior Gardens has a wide variety of Baker Creek organic heirloom seeds. We have everything you need to get your seedlings going in time for the summer. We have seed starter kits, which include a light, seedling nutrients, growing medium, propagation dome, and tray. All you need to add to the complete kits are seeds. Kits can be easily expanded to fit your growing needs. Please call us for pricing or any questions you might have. We would be glad to help you have a lush and healthy garden this summer.

At Interior Gardens, we’re dedicated to helping our customers learn about how hydroponic, organic, and indoor gardening can create a new way of looking at gardening, while enjoying a great activity and benefiting from a healthy and creative lifestyle.

Hydroponic Gardening – Soil Free Gardening for Everyone

Hydroponic Store Minneapolis St Paul Hydroponic gardening lets anyone grow healthful vegetables, delicious herbs, amazing foliage and flowering plants year round, with no soil, no digging, no pests, and great results. You can do all this indoors, in your kitchen, a spare room, your basement, or even in your garage. You can create your own seasons, no matter what the weather is outside, and enjoy your gardening pleasures when others are huddling against the bad weather.

At our Minnesota gardening store, we have the hydroponic growing systems, grow lights, and supplies you need to start gardening productively anytime, anywhere, and at any level, from a small kitchen herb garden to a full-scale commercial hydroponic production garden. We’ve selected the very best products available, and have the expert staff you need to help you be successful from the beginning. If you’re already involved in hydroponic gardening, we can help you expand, solve problems, and enhance your experience.

Grow Lights – The Secret to Success with Indoor Gardening

Grow Lights Minneapolis MN Indoor gardening demands proper lighting, but learning which grow lights are right for your particular indoor gardening environment can be confusing. Choose the wrong lighting system and you won’t have the success you hoped for. There are many claims made for various types of grow light systems, and some sellers want your money more than your success.

Interior Gardens has researched the grow light options and has selected only the very best and most productive lighting equipment available in today’s market. In our Minneapolis store, we make choosing the right grow lights easy. Our long expertise and research assures you that you won’t go wrong in these important decisions.

Organic Gardening – Healthful Produce & Herbs

Organic Gardening Minnesota If you’re thinking about going organic with your gardening, you’re on the very best path possible. Health-conscious gardeners know that organic gardening is the ideal route to growing healthful, pesticide free, delicious food for their families and others. Growing your own food is the only way you can know for sure exactly what you’re taking into your body or feeding your family.

Combining organic gardening with hydroponics and indoor gardens is an ideal way to have delicious, healthful produce all year, no matter what the season. At our organic gardening supplies store, we can help you create and maintain your organic garden, whether indoors or out, with the very best selection of organic gardening supplies available anywhere. Visit our spacious, well-stocked store in Minneapolis or shop online to find the products you need and the expertise we offer.

Hydroponics, Grow Light & Organic Gardening Supplies – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Hydroponics Grow Lights Interior Gardens is a hydroponics and organic gardening supply store in the Minneapolis St. Paul Metro area. We stock every product you need to achieve success in traditional organic gardening, hydroponics, and indoor gardening. Our staff has years of experience in helping our customers choose the very best products to realize their goals, and is dedicated to your success. We carry only the highest-quality, time-tested products, and offer the best prices available anywhere.

Our Minneapolis retail gardening store is centrally located in the Metro area and offers a huge range of products to cover all your gardening needs. Our warehouse, at the same address, maintains a large stock of all products, letting you take delivery of almost anything we offer on the spot.