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Hydroponics Minneapolis St Paul Hydroponic gardening’s popularity has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years, especially in the Minneapolis St. Paul area. Hydroponic gardening is, in simple terms, growing plants in a water and nutrient solution, but without soil. Hydroponics allows you to grow plants, fruits and vegetables in a more efficient and productive manner, literally anywhere, with less labor, time and gardening area needed.

Hydroponic gardens can be grown indoors, outdoors, and even in cramped quarters, using several different methods. These methods include growing plants in containers of water or in other soil-less mediums, including sand, crushed rock, gravel and vermiculite.

Advantages of Hydroponic Gardening

  • Simplicity – No digging, tilling, raking, or weed pulling. No power tools needed.
  • Water-Saving – Hydroponic gardens use up to 2/3 less water.
  • Affordable – Get started on a very low budget, and save on any size of project.
  • Higher Yields – Hydroponic gardens are far more productive for their size.
  • No Yard Needed – Create a hydroponic garden in any indoor space.
  • Better Results – Hydroponics produces better tasting, more nutritional results.
  • Year Round Growing – With hydroponics, you control the season.
  • Enjoyment – Your success is all but assured with hydroponics
  • Pest and Disease Free – No insect pests, and no soil means no soil-borne disease.

Hydroponics Basics

Grow Hydroponics Minnesota The science of hydroponics proves that the only things needed to grow plants are water, nutrients, and a method of delivering the plant’s food to the root system. The soil itself is simply the backbone for the roots so they have a stable place to grow.

Although hydroponic gardening can be done outdoors, most gardens are indoors or in a greenhouse. Because hydroponic gardening is so efficient, very little space is needed compared to a conventional outdoor garden. In hydroponic gardening, you provide the exact nutrients that your plants need by directly feeding the root system, without ever having to stress the plant due to lack of nutrients or water.

Hydroponic gardening is superior to traditional gardening in most cases. If soil everywhere was of high quality and if everyone who wanted to grow plants owned the ground to plant it on and had the time to cultivate it … then hydroponics might be rarely used.

However, soil varies greatly in its quality and consistency. When we plant outdoors in the best of soils, large amounts of fertilizer are not needed for proper growth. Many of us, especially city-dwellers, townhome owners or apartment and condo dwellers lack even a small plot of land to grow plants.

Even if you live in the tiniest of apartments you can raise fruits, herbs, vegetables and flowering plants. You can raise plants hydroponically in pots, or individual containers and adapt your hydroponic garden to any size space available.

Is Hydroponics Right for Minnesota Gardeners? Learn More!

Hydroponic Vegetables Minneapolis Minnesota If you’re just starting to get interested in hydroponic gardening, then you will want to learn more about it before jumping in. At Interior Gardens, we know that the more you know, the more you’ll want to start enjoying this great way of gardening. Here are links to pages on this website that will give you the information you need to know before getting started with this fascinating and productive gardening method.

  • How A Plant Works – Learn how plants grow and why hydroponics provides an ideal environment for most plants.
  • What Can I Grow? – You’ll be surprised to discover how flexible hydroponic gardening is. You can grow vegetables, herbs, foliage plants, flowers, and even bulbs using hydroponics.
  • Hydroponics Methods – There are four basic types of hydroponic gardens. Learn how they differ and how to choose the right method for your garden.
  • What Do I Need? – See this guide to get a rundown of the simple basic items you need to get started or expand your hydroponic garden.
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