Hydroponic Nutrients & Growing Media

Whatever hydroponics system you use, you need the very best hydroponic nutrients and growing medium available for your projects. At Interior Gardens, we’ve searched the world for the growing medium products that work the best in all types of systems, and offer it to our Minneapolis St. Paul Area hydroponics customers. Some of the products we carry include:

Hydroponic Nutrients – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Hydroponic Nutrients At our hydroponic supply store, we carry a wide selection of hydroponic nutrients made by General Hydroponics, Dutch Master and other top manufacturers.

  • Flora Series General Hydroponics – This thee-part system from General Hydroponics has been a favorite for years! This mixture of primary, secondary and micronutrients is great as it may be custom-blended to suit each growers needs, all the while providing enhanced yields and better crop quality.
  • FloraNova General Hydroponics – This nutrient line is extremely easy to use and works well for all plant types. It provides the high concentration strength of a granular in a liquid and easy-to-use form. FloraNova provides optimum nutrient uptake with the use of natural humic extracts.
  • Floralicious Plus General Hydroponics – Floralicious Plus is a super concentrated blend of plant, marine, and mineral extracts which may be used as a one-part additive throughout the plant’s growing cycle. This product will enhance mineral nutrient uptake and transport in your plants.
  • KoolBloom General HydroponicsKoolBloom General Hydroponics – This product encourages abundant flowering and ripening in annuals. The size and weight of the fruits and flowers will increase along with the production of essential oils and fragrances. Liquid KoolBloom is a bulking agent and a great way to begin the flowering cycle.
  • Diamond Nectar General Hydroponics – Natural soil-based environments generally have low levels of nutrients but plant growth occurs due to the presence of humic acid which channels available nutrients directly into nearby vegetation.
  • Gold Grow and Flower Dutch Master – During the extensive field trials, Gold Grow and Flower repeatedly produced a 25% to 40% greater yield than the leading brands from North America and Europe! This nutrient line will deliver you the biggest yield you have ever experienced – and it is easy-to-use too!
  • Max Grow and Flower Dutch Master – Dutch Master Max Grow will provide an extra boost for your plants in the vegetative stage by providing the plants with nutrient sinks which will allow them to use the stored nutrients if the root system should become compromised in any way.
  • Hydroponic Nutrients Dutch MasterLiquid Light Dutch Master – Liquid Light is designed to work with Penetrator, the ultimate wetting agent, as a foliar spray which will dramatically improve the way your place processes your garden’s light – it will actually give your plants the equivalent of up to 60% more light!
  • Zone Dutch Master – Dutch Master Zone is a root zone conditioner based on high-tech water sanitization systems which are used in modern cities around the world. This additive ensures that your plants’ root systems and environment are optimized and sanitized, allowing the plants to grow big, pearly white and healthy roots!
  • Silica Dutch Master – Dutch Master Silica is a next generation plant nutritional supplement designed to promote cell wall strength and optimize the performance of modern hydroponic nutrients to increase yields of your plants! In other words, Dutch Master Silica will add critical weight to your plants.

Hydroponic Growing Media – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Hydroponic Growing Media At our hydroponic supply store, we carry a wide selection of hydroponic growing media and soil replacements made by Grodan.

  • Grodan Stonewool & Rockwool – Created under carefully controlled manufacturing process, these stonewool and rockwool products are clean and sterile, and have the hydrophilic qualities that help make your growing successful. Available in slabs, grow blocks, starter cubes, and more, you can count on Grodan products for quality and consistency. Grodan is Interior Garden’s choice for these products.
  • Europonic Rockwool Conditioner – Available in quart and gallon sizes, Europonic Conditioner is a preconditioner that adjusts and stabilizes rockwool growing medium. Preconditioning helps to facilitate nutrient uptake.
  • Hydroton – Manufactured in high-tech facilities in Germany, this clay aggregate is widely used by hydroponics growers worldwide. It excels in water retention, and it’s chemically inert and has a neutral pH. It’s ideal for use as a growing medium in WaterFarm, Ebb-n-Grow, and deep water hydroponics systems.
  • Mother Earth Perlite – A completely natural product, Perlite is siliceous rock that is naturally expanded, like popcorn, through a 1600-degree heating process, increasing up to 20 times in size. Sterile and pH neutral, it makes a great growing medium and soil amendment for adding water retention and porosity.
  • Other Growing Medium Products – At Interior Gardens, we carry a huge variety of growing medium products and related products. From vermiculite and Agro-Wool to Coco Coir and Botanicare ReadyGro mixture, you’ll find your old favorites and new products to try. Check out our products in our retail hydroponics center.

Hydroponic Nutrients & Growing Media for Growers in Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Whatever products you need to support your hydroponics products, you’ll find a complete supply at Interior Gardens. Our 18+ years serving the hydroponics community means that we’ve found the products that work the best and are always searching for new products to add to our inventory. Our experienced staff lives and breathes hydroponic and organic gardening, and is always ready to share their expertise with customers. Come into our spacious, well-stocked Garden Center in Minneapolis, at 1620 Central Ave. NE, just off I-35W, to see our complete product lines.